Okay, we might want to consider there is a such thing as the “Conor Curse” and its legitimacy. Why? Let’s travel back in time, shall we?Jose-Aldo-Rib-X-Rays-750-440x250

It was June 23rd, 2015, when news of Jose Aldo’s rib injury rattled the very foundation of UFC 189. All the marketing and animosity was to no avail, as the former Featherweight champion had to withdraw from his July 11th title defense against then competitor and eventual champion Conor McGregor.

Fast forward to Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. Just under two weeks away from the slatedla-sp-sn-rafael-dos-anjos-ufc-196-20160223-001 Champion vs. Champion bout between McGregor and UFC Lughtweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, more unfortunate news about an eventual title fight with McGregor comes forth. UFC on Fox and MMA Fighting insider Ariel Hielwani broke the news of a broken left foot that dos Anjos suffered last Friday during training. Much like UFC 189, UFC 197 had numerous questions hovering over it. However, much like UFC 189, UFC match maker found the perfect replacement for dos Anjos, keeping the March 5th main event in tact, proving that there are indeed blessings in curses.

Fifth ranked lightweight Nate Diaz has stepped up to the place in proxy of dos Anjos. GivenNate-Diaz-TUF-9-Sq the short amount of time to train and cut weight, both fighters will square off against each other at 170 pounds, which constitutes as McGregor’s Welterweight debut.

Anyone who knows these two are fully aware we’re in for a striking clinic, come the first Saturday night in March. In addition, there will be trash talk between these two that can’t be missed?

Who do I have in this one? It’s too early to say. Some serious deliberation must take place before I can make a final call. I will say this, Stockholm California’s own and my fellow Irishman will undoubtedly, rather it’s on the microphone or in the octagon, will everyone involved something to treasure. Buckle up!!!

Written by Antoine Hoffman


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