One possesses an uncanny ability to do what no other player is capable of, at his stature (6’8, 250 lbs). The other, who is Cavs-in-NBA-Finals-2015generating a buzz suggesting he’s the game’s greatest shooter to date, is arguably the most compelling player in the game to date.

With an appearance in the 2015 NBA Finals being his sixth, Lebron James is as close to being an immovable object in the Association’s largest stage as one can get when it comes to modern-day, championship play. Stephen Curry, on the other hand, whose explosiveness, ball handling skills and bulls-eye like shooting, has made him the game’s irresistible force.

Combining for a total of five NBA MVPs, Curry winning his first this season, the consensus is2015-06-03t195152z_222160140_nocid_rtrmadp_3_nba-playoffs-golden-state-warriors-practice for him and James to wow everyone in observance.

Both teams made amazing runs to the finals. Combined, the Warriors and Cavaliers have played 29 games to reach the finals, which are the fewest since 2003 when the San Antonio Spurs and New Jersey Nets journeyed to the finals in 32.

Given what both teams have accomplished to meet one another in the finals, something(s) must separate champion from runner-up.

While Cleveland (12.3) averages less turnovers per playoff outing than Golden State (14.5), and has been the betterNBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns rebounding team of the two, Golden State, who averages 110.0 points per game thus far in the postseason, is a scoring a machine. In addition, the Warriors are equipped with a bench capable of maintaining momentum while starters are resting. Andrew Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Leandro Barbosa and Marreese Speights, who is returning from a calf injury, will provide offensive, defensive and fundamental sparks during relief play that Cleveland’s depth will have trouble matching.

As entertaining as this series will be, Cleveland’s fairy tale season, even with the return of Kyrie Irving, will not end withKyrie-Irving-to-have-MRI. Cavalier Nation living happily ever after, at least not for this season. I have a feeling it’ll take seven games to do it, but the Warriors will win their first championship since 1975, when they swept the then, Washington Bullets.

Written By Antoine Hoffman


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