For as long as Tony Romo has been a starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, he has been one on the receiving end of scrutiny and criticism.Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

With numerous turnovers in the most clutch of situations, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that would suggest the criticism was not warranted.

Unlike previous seasons, Tony Romo has been solid in key game situations.  Make no mistake about it, he’s still committed ill-advised moves that have resulted in turnovers, but they have not been in abundance in comparison to earlier seasons.  His usual snafus at the most inopportune moments have been nonexistent. Yet and still, every loss Dallas has suffered somehow results in Romo catching heat. Forget that Dallas’ defense, led by once defensive guru Monte Kiffin, is dead last in overall defense this season.  Even disregard the lack of balance in Dallas’s offensive attack.  When in doubt, blame Romo.

If this isn’t enough, just as Romo was looking to close out the month of December on a high note, Romo suffers a back injury in week 16 against the WashingtonCowboys_Redskins_Football-0e042 Redskins, which leaves his status for week 17’s Sunday night division clinching battle with the Philadelphia Eagles in uncertainty.

Being a Redskins fan, I can’t say I feel sorry for him, but I had to note that even when it’s not all Romo’s fault, the masses will suggest otherwise.

In comes Kyle Orton! Can he fill the void Romo left in a game managing fashion that’ll result in Dallas securing the NFC East Crown, which isn’t much to brag on this season?  Or will Orton force Dallas fans to appreciate what they have indal_a_korton_cr_200 Tony Romo?

Divisions much be clinched and playoff seeds must be established.  it’s the final week of the regular season…here we go:

Panthers over Falcons- Although Carolina have all but clinched the NFC South, they can ill afford to take Atlanta lightly and fall victim to a trap game.

Bengals over Ravens- Whether they want to admit it or not, the Ravens sorely miss Anquain Boldin.

Colts over Jaguars- Jacksonville been a scrappy under .500 team after its 0-for-whatever start, but Naptown wants to take the suggested Carolina route and avoid falling victim to a trap game at all costs.

Dolphins over Jets- Really NFL…this is how you are gonna make me end my season, with the two teams whose games I have not got right at all this season. They can beat each other into oblivion for all I care.

Vikings over Lions- Read my entry from last week!

Giants over Redskins- The G-Men are home and they have a few more wins than we do.

Steelers over Browns- The aroma of the postseason is too heavy for The Steel City not to take advantage of an opportunity being presented. Go get your wildcard seeding Steelers!

Titans over Texans- 2013 has been the beginning of Matt Schaub’s end as the Texans starting quarterback.

Cardinals over 49ers- Mark my words, Arizona is one of those playoff teams that no one will want to see this season.

Packers over Bears- They’ll inherit the opportunity that Dallas will blow…oh shoot, I spoiled it.  Ah well!

Patriots over Bills- Has Buffalo been in the playoffs since the Music City Miracle in 2000?

Saints over Buccaneers- With two straight losses, it’s only right for the N.O. to heal its wounds by playing bully to Tampa Bay.

Broncos over Raiders- 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 TOUCHDOWN PASSES…AH AH AH AH!

Chiefs over Chargers- At 6-1 outside of Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City can win on the road.  San Diego will make them work for this one, but the Chiefs should secure this win.

Seahawks over Rams- Seattle needs to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs to live out its Super Bowl aspirations.  What better way to do that than in front of the “12th Man” at CenturyLink Field?

Eagles over Cowboys- There are going to be some gloomy people out there who support that unsavory blue star. Many amber alerts will be processed and milk box ad spaces will be purchased this weekend.

Last week, I went 9-7…can I close out the regular season on a double-digit win note?  That remains to be seen!

By Antoine Hoffman


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