Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

The month of December has not been kind to the Detroit Lions.  Since their Thanksgiving slaughtering of the Green Bay Packers, the Lions have collapsed from being NFC North leaders tohi-res-134042199-running-back-john-kuhn-of-the-green-bay-packers_crop_north merely having fingernails grip of the division crown.

Whether it’s the on and off play of Matthew Stafford, the instability of the defense or the so-so rushing game, Detroit, having “do-or-die” on its brain, welcomes the New York Giants.

Can the Lions get over their deficiencies in order to tighten its grip on the division lead?

Here’s how they and the other playoff hopeful teams will fare a week from season’s end. Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

Here we go:

Dolphins over Bills– Out of spite towards me, Miami will lose this game. I don’t think I’ve got one of its games right this season.

Panthers over Saints– I’ll take Carolina’s physicality over “The N-O’s” finesse any day.

Redskins over Cowboys– Yeah I know, but I’m biased.

Rams over Buccaneers– These are not the teams of a decade ago. However, Jeff Fisher has this team closer to restoration Greg Schiano does.

Jets over Browns– My “inny minny miney moe” game of the week!

Colts over Chiefs– Kansas City will continue it “0-for” pattern against above .500 teams.

Bengals over Vikings– Minnesota is down to their bare minimum as far as skilled players are concerned, meanwhile “The Nati” is sniffing a division title.

Broncos over Texans– Will Peyton Manning break Tom Brady’s single season touchdown record?  In this game, it’s very likely!

Jaguars over Titans– This one is too close to call, but I’ll take J-Ville to scratch and claw its way to victory.

Seahawks over Cardinals– Now is the time for Seattle to prove its ability to win on the road against a quality division foe.

Lions over Giants– This season is prime for you to win it Detroit…don’t blow it!

Chargers over Raiders– Why not?

Packers over Steelers– This will be an all out scrap that’ll be decided by nothing more than a touchdown.

Ravens over Patriots– Truly I have no logic behind this.

Eagles over Bears– Philly seems to have found its stride.

Last week, 10-6…let’s see if i can match or exceed that mark this week.

By Antoine Hoffman


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