That’s the number of games the New York Knicks have lost through the first 21 games of the 2013-2014 season. We’re talking about a team that won 54 games last season and claimed the17-1s050-vecsey-c-300x300 Eastern Conference’s two seed in the postseason. Incredible how a season can change things!

There’s plenty of blame to toss around regarding this early season debacle. Carmelo Anthony is jacking up three pointers like he’s Steve Kerr, yet he’s only shooting 32% (22% over the last 10 games) from the three-point strike. An “Amber Alert” should be sent out for JR Smith’s game, Amare¬†Stoudemire isn’t even a shell of his old self, finally, the injuries to Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton are killers.

Those on-court issues along with the slow start has put head coach Mike Woodson on the chopping block, made Iman Shumpert a topic of trade rumors and created friction on the sidelines. Team owner James Dolan can’t be happy with what has transpired but the blame starts from the top. Think about it, the Knicks haven’t won 50 or more games since Pat Ewing was in his prime, yet you get rid of Glen Grunwald, who orchestrated a 54 win season, for current general manager Steve Mills, who’s resume is somewhat of a novice. Let Dolan tell it, he still considers himself as a top-notch owner. That’s laughable! A big payroll doesn’t always translate to success. The Knicks have paid luxury tax penalties every year and continue to have nothing to showJames-Dolan-Mike-Woodson for it.

How can a once storied franchise produce a winning formula when the owner is only concerned about “Glitz and Glamour” and not putting the proper pieces together to strengthen its brand? This franchise was a proud organization and now it’s the laughing stock of the NBA. Until Dolan remove the blinders, look in the mirror and take ownership of the downfall of what his team has become, they will continue to be mediocre at best!

The Saga continues!

By Keith Madyun


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