Whenever a discussion of the NFL’s best receivers come to mind, by default names like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall and AJ Green come to surface.  Even tight ends like Robnfl_u_ajohncalvin_cr_576 Gronkowski (when healthy) and Jimmy Graham garner arguments in this category.
There’s a player who has forced his way into the discussion that many are over looking.  His name is Josh Gordon and he plays for the Cleveland Browns.
Despite a 4-8 record…despite a shuffles to the quarterback position as a result of injuries and marginal play, Gordon joins Johnson and Johnson (no cheap skin care plug here) as the only receivers to date to surpass the 1,200 receiving yards mark. While he only has seven touchdowns, his contributions in the yardage department have been thee silver lining in Cleveland’s dark cloud of a season.
If his front office is able to surround him with other skilled players, with Norv Turner as the mastermind of the offense, Cleveland could be a force on that side of the ball.11346746-large
For the immediate future, the Dawg Pound has New England (10th in total pass defense) as its next task. It remains to be seen how Gordon will fair against the Patriots’ pass offense, but going into this game, we know he has made his mark on 2013.
Speaking of marks, I made one in which I can live with…10-6 on Turkey Day weekend. The goal is to match or exceed this mark. With that said, here we go:
*Jaguars over Texans
*Bengals over Colts
*Patriots over Browns
*Raiders over Jets
*Lions over Eagles
*Steelers over Dolphins
*Buccaneers over Bills
*Chiefs over Redskins
*Ravens over Vikings
*Packers over Falcons
*Broncos over Titans
*Cardinals over Rams
*Giants over Chargers
*Seahawks over 49ers
*Panthers over Saints
*Cowboys over Bears
Season’s almost over, but until then, we’ll do it again in another 168 hours.
By Antoine Hoffman

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