As if Thanksgiving in itself isn’t already complicated with such issues as food preparation, house preparation, house hopping strategies and the number of plates to be consumed, here comes the New-turkeysNational Football League with its slate of games to further challenge your multitasking abilities.

Although the Turkey Day triple header has been intact for some time, have true football games truly mastered the art of consuming all three football games while trying to be family oriented?

If so, please provide me with your strategy as to how to pull this off. In the meantime, I’ll continue devising plans until something works. Either that, or I should just chalk this up as something that isn’t meant to be.

With just five games left, some teams’ fates are already sealed, good and bad, while others are in the trenches of making a last quarter run at the postseason. Some teams will have reason to give thanks moving forward, while others will open 2014 spending more time with their families.  It’s time to separate the contenders from the pretenders.  With that in mind, here we go:

Lions over Packers- I missed the memo on Matt Flynn’s return to Green Bay. Can he prove his worth as a practical plan B to Aaron Rodgers?

Cowboys over Raiders- Tony Romo tends to excel in November. Turkey day will be no different.

Ravens over Steelers- Baltimore will take this chapter of the NFL’s best rivalry to date on the strength of home field advantage.

 Panthers over Buccaneers- Break up the Carolina Panthers!

Browns over Jaguars- Is Josh Gordon putting the league on notice regarding his legitimacy as a quality receiver?

Patriots over Texans- New England, albeit a shell of its former self, will find a way to beat a Houston team that as lost its identity.

Colts over Titans- Indianapolis is on a surprising losing streak…here’s where recovery takes place.

Bears over Vikings- Both quarterback situations are shot, however Chicago’s offense overall is more talented than Minnesota’s, I think.

Jets over Dolphins- Both teams have trifled with my emotions and because of this, watch Miami win.

Cardinals over Eagles- Arizona has quietly been one of the better teams in the NFC. They’ll continue building their stock in front a hostile Philly crowd.

Bills over Falcons- Atlanta just seems primed for the picking here. Biggest disappointment of the season!

49ers over Rams- San Francisco’s receiving corps gets healthier as the season progresses. This could bless Colin Kaepernick a great deal.

Broncos over Chiefs- Peyton Manning will outsling Alex Smith in a gun fight.

Bengals over Chargers- San Diego is another of those teams that have been rubix cube, however I’ve done better picking their games than those of the Jets and Dolphins.

Redskins over Giants- This is strictly based on my bias to my home team. New York is about to dig out of its 0-6 hole and win this division.

Seahawks over Saints- Seattle has the most favorable home field advantage in the NFL. The 12th will be deafening on Monday night.

Last week, I went 5-8-1. That says it all…Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Please return safely to TNP Sports for your weekly game picks.  We’re far from done, despite this not so glorious season.

By Antoine Hoffman


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