Life is good for the Seattle Seahawks right now! They are 10-1! They only rival the Denver Broncos for the top spot in the weekly NFL power rankings. Their home field advantage, courtesy of 78664131_display_imageQwest Field and the “12th Man”, the disruptive fan base that occupies the stadium is uncanny. The defense is nightmarish. Marshawn Lynch continues to prove “Beast Mode” is the only mode he knows.

Just when you thought things could not get any better for Seahawks, here comes Percy Harvin.

In his 2013 season debut, Harvin put his former team, along with the rest of NFL on notice, suggesting he has not lost a step. While his numbers were not of epic proportion, he did prove that quality outweighs quantity.

He only had one reception for 17 yards, but it was his 58 yard kickoff return that set up a 19 yard connection between Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin that resulted in a touchdown.131117231757-percy-harvin-seattle-seahawks-minnesota-vikings-single-image-cut

Once Harvin gets back in his groove, it’ll be nothing nice for opposing defenses.

Speaking of grooves, I can’t seem to establish one myself with the craziness of this season’s games.  An 8-7 record is not going to get it done.

Here’s another shot at it:

*Saints over Falcons

*Vikings over Packers

*Chiefs over Chargers

*Browns over Steelers

*Ravens over Jets

*Colts over Cardinals

*Lions over Buccaneers

*Texans over Jaguars

*Panthers over Dolphins

*Bears over Rams

*Titans over Raiders

*Giants over Cowboys

*Broncos over Patriots

*49ers over Redskins

A ten plus win week would definitely be welcomed on this end. Let’s see if such a week wants to make a return. 

By Antoine Hoffman


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