Upon signing with the Houston Texans, the expectations for future Hall of Fame Safety Ed Reed was for his presence to bolster an already stout defense.ed-reed (1)

The Texans’ unit is currently tops in both all around and pass defense, however Reed’s contributions to these rankings have been microscopic, at best.

Coming into the 2013 season, Reed was hindered by a hip injury that forced him to miss his first two games as a Texan. His availability allowed him to play in six of Houston’s nine games. With just 16 tackles and zero turnovers created by an acclaimed ball-hawk, many wonder if Reed, 35, is at a shell of his former self.

With Houston setting the standard in defense with minimal contributions from one of its largest free agent acquisitions of this past offseason, the organization decided earlier this week to relieve Reed of his duties as a Texan. It could be suggested that Houston thinks Reed is not the menace he used to be to opposing offenses.1380382100000-USATSI-7449527

Immediately, the New England Patriots and New York Jets have expressed interest in Reed. Could Reed find a place with either of these outfits or a yet to be named organization? Can he prove he’s far from done or have we seen the last of Reed?

Until then, there are teams battling in a sweepstakes far greater than any individual acquisition…that would be postseason positioning.

Let’s get into how possible Reed suitors, along with the rest of the league will position themselves in the clutch weeks of the season shall we?

Here we go:

*Colts over Titans

*Ravens over Bears

*Bengals over Browns

*Bengals over Browns

*Buccaneers over Falcons

*Redskins over Eagles

*Chargers over Dolphins

*Cardinals over Jaguars

*Lions over Steelers

*Texans over Raiders

*Chiefs over Broncos

*Saints over 49ers

*Seahawks over Vikings

*Giants over Packers

*Panthers over Patrios

To go 6-8 in week 10, it’s safe to say last week was a brutal one. This can’t become a pattern moving forward. Speaking of onward movement, beat wishes goes out to Ed Reed, whatever becomes of him in the coming weeks. As always enjoy the games and we’ll do it again in seven days.

By Antoine Hoffman


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