Whatever team a fan supports, it is safe to say he/she views them through the lenses medicated with great expectations. Whether his/her team is coming off a championship season or a year you’ddt.common.streams.StreamServer (1) rather forget, the hope is for their team to elevate from its previous campaign.

If teams fail to meet expectations, fans will exercise their option to express their contempt via newspaper, radio, email or the latest and greatest way to make his/her voice heard, social media. Some fans are moderate/mild with their criticism. Others go too far with it!  In the midst of all the hoopla that comes with post-game results with fans or media, a perspective is lost in the process. The coaches, front office executives and players are also human.

The latter notion became all the more real this past week.  Saturday, November 2nd, during his team’s bye week, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox fell ill on a golf course near Charlotte, North Carolina due to an issue with the aortic valve of his heart.  The next night at halftime of the Indianapolis/Houston game, Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed at the 25 yard line, from what was diagnosed as a transient ischemic attack,533598cf2dad1b25420f6a7067004ead while making his way to the locker room.

Thankfully the two coaches survived their health scares.  Defensive coordinators Wade Phillips and Jack Del Rio will serve as interim head coaches for their respective teams.

While many from these fan bases are hoping for wins moving forward, the more important perspective here is the improved health of their fallen coaches.

Of course life goes on, however priorities need to be reorganized in a way where wins and losses are not everything.

Let’s see how the Broncos and Texans do in response to their tragic moments, along with the rest of the teams who have action in week 10:

*Redskins over Vikings

*Packers over Eagles

*Titans over Jaguars

*Bills over Steelers

*Giants over Raiders

*Colts over Rams

*Seahawks over Falcons

*Bengals over Ravens

*Lions over Bears

*Panthers over 49ers

*Texans over Cardinals

*Broncos over Chargers

*Saints over Cowboys

*Dolphins over Buccaneers

Instead of posting my record from week nine, I’ll use this time to wish Coaches Fox and Kubiak successful recoveries on behalf of the Take No Prisoners Staff and recommend our followers to take the time out to show love to your loved ones and even reconcile your differences with not so loved ones.  We never know when tragedy will strike.  Let’s do it again in 168 hours!

By Antoine Hoffman


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