FEE FI FO FUMP, no one expected the New York Giants would start the season in this kind of slump.

Coming into the 2013 season, Big Blue’s greatest concern was its aging offensive line. A unit that was stout in seasons past has grown long in the tooth and thus far, it’s showing. Still, with Tom Coughlin at giants-eaglesthe helm, a reliable quarterback in Eli Manning, a formidable front seven on defense, solid receivers and a blossoming yet running game, the Giants were projected by many to take the division crown this season.

By were we wrong!  The Giants, winners of two Super Bowls in the last five seasons, find themselves at an unexpected 0-6 start.  Clearly, there are more concerns for this team than we realized.

For starters, the Giants are next to last in rush offense. Struggling to keep the football in tow when it’s in his hands, David Wilson is struggling at the moment to provide his offense with the running prowess it once had.  This has resulted in the mid-season acquisitions of powerhouse backs Brandon Jacobs (in his second stint with the team) and former Bronco, Brown and Chief Peyton Hillis. Can Jacobs and Hillis contribute to the restoration of the power running game Big Blue once had?  They sure could use it, considering they are next to last in rushing yards per game. Giants practice - Peyton Hillis

Defensively, the Giants find themselves 20th and 21st in pass and rush defense; both of which are unfamiliar positions for them in those departments.

And there’s Eli Manning!  Over the last few seasons, his productivity over the past few seasons have garnered him an adage to him that suggests “You can’t spell ELITE without E-L-I”.  With a league leading 15 interceptions in just six games, you can’t spell abomInabLE without E-L-I either, which describes the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s play up to this point.s

With all the issues that plague the Giants, the question is how can they fix things? Let be clear, firing Tom Coughlin is not the answer.  For him to come in from Jacksonville and transform the Giants out of mediocrity into Super Bowl champions warrants him the privilege to leave the team on his terms. The best remedy for the Giants’ woes is execution.

The Giants have a chance to cure its ills against Minnesota team who is also in need of an offensive jolt.  Can the G-Men seize the opportunity before them?

Here we go:

*Seahawks over Cardinals

*Falcons over Buccaneers

*Redskins over Bears

*Eagles over Cowboys

*Patriots over Jets  

*Dolphins over Bills

*Panthers over Rams

*Bengals over Lions

*Chargers over Jaguars

*49ers over Titans

*Chiefs over Texans

*Packers over Browns

*Steelers over Ravens

*Broncos over Colts

*Giants over Vikings

Week six resulted in six losses and nine wins (9-6). Gotta continue opening the gap between the two columns.  Let’s do it again next week!

By Antoine Hoffman


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