Can we please get over the idea of Brett Favre returning to the NFL as a quarterback?  Serving as a front office executive for a team, a coach at some capacity or an analyst for a media outlet is one thing, butEA Sports Madden NFL 13 Pigskin Pro-Am expecting him to line up under center and lead a team to the postseason is absurd.

While he is one of the most exciting quarterbacks to have ever played the game, focus on the word “played”, as in past tense.  Favre is a 44 year old man whose body is not capable of what it once was 10 years ago.  It is unrealistic to expect him to bounce up and call a play after being forced to the field by a defensive player charging his way full speed ahead.  It’s impossible to think he can now leave the pocket after it collapses under defensive pressure, take up and dive for a first down.

It was one thing for NFL Network to air a daily feature during the preseason known as “Favre Watch”, where cameras are capturing Favre pitching bells of hay, in hopes that he will announce a return to the field. You could just see how tickled pink RIch Eisen was every time this segment aired.  Now the “Favre Love Affair” has trickled down to NFL organizations, specifically the St. Louis Rams. At the top of the 12:00pm hour on October 24th, a breaking news item hit wires, confirming the St. Louis Rams asked Favre to come out of retirement to fill the gap left by Sam Bradford, whose season came to an DaunteCulpepperOfficialWebsiteabrupt end as a result of a torn ACL.

Are Tim Tebow and Daunte Culpepper not available?

Didn’t Favre already make it clear he isn’t coming back to play football?

For once and for all, to every NFL organization, fan and media outlet alike, please, once and for all, put Brett Favre’s return to the NFL to rest and leave him to his Wrangler Jeans commercials and peaceful post-NFL career.

Now, on to the business at hand. We have a slate of games on tap, so with that said, here we go:

Panthers over Buccaneers- Tampa Bay is coming apart at the seams. No reason to think they’ll get on the right track against Carolina.

Lions over Cowboys- These two defenses are in the lower brass of overall defense, however they’re in the top five in pass defense. Tony Romo finds way to bolster Detroit’s pass defense in this shootout.

49ers over Jaguars- Even if Maurice Jones-Drew was the Jones-Drew of a few season ago, he alone could not help his team escape the inevitable. Here’s my lopsided game ofMarion Barber, Ndamukong Suh the week.

Cheifs over Browns- In this week’s episode of “Cleveland Shuffles the Deck”, former Redskins, Raiders and Bears quarterback Jason Campbell gets the start at quarterback against the 5th best defense the league has to offer. Not so MMM-MMM Good! Can Campbell ever catch a break?

Patriots over Dolphins- A stupid penalty caused New England a win last week over the Jets. New England doesn’t lose back-to-back games often, so don’t expect them to do so here.

Saints over Bills- CJ Spiller has lacked consistency this season. I’ll take the consistency of New Orleans’ offense over feverish play any day.

Giants over Eagles- Confidence is restored in East Rutherford after the GIants secured its first win of the season. They will extend that streak to two wins against a380-gregory-int-dolphins-preview Philadelphia team that is gradually losing its sizzle from opening week.

Bengals over Jets- Geno Smith’s numbers may not be spectacular, but he’s proving he can win games.  Still, I’ll take the The Nati to keep its winning streak alive.

Steelers over Raiders- Pittsburgh seems to have caught fire with a bit of a winning streak of its own. Le’Veon Bell has been a key contributor to Steel Town’s recent success. Give ’em one more!

Cardinals over Falcons- Arizona is home and Atlanta has not been the most trustworthy team as of late. Carson Palmer, please get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. My fantasy numbers depend on this!

Redskins over Broncos- Washington gets up for games that the public deem impossible to win. If the offense can run time-consuming drives that will keep the ballMshanahan110212wp-270x256 out of Peyton Manning’s hands as long as possible and it picks apart the interior of Denver’s defense, there’s no reason Mike Shanahan does not leave his homecoming in the Mile High City with a win.

Packers over Vikings- This past Monday night, Minnesota galled 53 pass plays, having Adrian Peterson as their running back.  Something is awry in the Twin City.

Seahawks over Rams- St. Louis has only one quarterback on its depth chart, Kellen Clemens.  This still does not excuse that phone call to Brett Favre.  Once again, please call Tim Tebow!

Week seven, I pulled off a 10-5 mark. Anything less than 10 wins is unacceptable.  Enjoy the games and we’ll do it again in another 168 hours.

By Antoine Hoffman


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