There was a time when Matt Flynn was the most sought after quarterback in free agency. While in Green Bay, Flynn’s ability to pitch relief for Aaron Rodgers garnered attention from multiple teams in120318-flynn-300 search for a new signal caller. The game that put him over the top was a 45-41 shootout over the Detroit Lions that took place New Year’s Day 2012. In addition to a win, Flynn secured a top position in two quarterbacking categories of the franchise’s records book.  Flynn threw for 480 and six touchdowns!

In the offseason, Flynn would move on to what he thought would be greener pastures in Seattle. His only competition for the starting gig was thought to be former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tavaris Jackson. To the surprise of Flynn, the Seahawks’ organization and “The 12th Man” (Seattle’s fan base), Flynn was beat out of the position by the Seahawks’ 2012, third round draft choice Russell Wilson.  With an 11-5 win loss record and an NFC Divisional playoff appearance, Wilson proved his worth as the future of the franchise, leaving Flynn on the outside looking in.Matt Flynn

In April 2013, Flynn was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a 5th round, 2014 pick and a conditional 2015 pick.  Much like the previous season, Flynn found himself losing the starting job to a younger talent, in the form of Terrell Pryor.  A concussion to Pryor allowed Flynn to see some playing time in a week three meeting with the Denver Broncos. Flynn would complete 1 out of 2 passes for 19 yards.  His playing time carried over into the following week against the Washington Redskins.  Flynn completed 21 of 32 passes for 227 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a 24-14 loss.  Unfortunately that one offensive touchdown came in the first half of the game.

A few days after the loss, Raiders head coach Dennis Allen demoted Flynn to third string quarterback. On October 7th, as if a Super Bowl XLV - Media Daydemotion isn’t demoralizing enough, the Raiders organization concluded it was best to release Flynn just six months after acquiring his services.

As hard of a fall as this is, at least the former LSU Tiger has a $14.5 million cushion to land on, courtesy of Seattle and Oakland.

What becomes of Matt Flynn now?  The Green Bay Packers have already confirmed there is no interest in reuniting with him.

There are a few teams out there in need of a quarterback.  Whether he paves an incredible road to redemption or puts a cap on a short-lived NFL career remains to be seen.

What can be guaranteed is his former teams are in action this weekend. Let’s see how they’ll do:

*Bears over Giants

*Ravens over Packers

*Bengals over Bills

*Browns over Lions

*Rams over Texans

*Chiefs over Raiders

*Vikings over Panthers

*Jets over Steelers

*Eagles over Buccaneers

*Broncos over Jaguars

*Seahawks over Titans

*Saints over Patriots

*49ers over Cardinals

*Redskins over Cowboys

*Colts over Chargers

Week 5, 7-7! Another week is gone, which means there’s another chance to redeem myself.

By Antoine Hoffman


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