NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans

Many would argue that the Houston Texans are the most talented team in the National Football League.  In fact, the conviction is so strong in their supporters, they believe this is the team to represent theScreenshot2013-09-29at5.20.12PM_crop_north American Football Conference in Super Bowl 48.

Having the number one defense in the league is a result of the genius of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and a personnel that includes the likes of Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt.

Having a productive duo of running backs in Arian Foster and Ben Tate, reliable receiving targets in Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, a potential receiver in rookie DeAndre Hopkins and an offensive line that is anything but a turnstile to opposing defenses, makes for a solid offensive unit.

With all that Houston is blessed with, what seems to be the problem?  Why are they just 2-2?

While it’s cliche to make the quarterback the primary reason for things gone wrong, in Houston’s case, it’s only right to look under center.

In four games, Matt Schaub has thrown six interceptions.  Three of those have been returned for touchdowns.

Apparently this problem has reached epic proportions for Texans fans. Fans are burning his jersey.  Even Skeeter’s Grill, a local restaurant, has created a “Pick Six” Burger in contempt of Schaub’sschaubburger-450x600 counterproductive play.

Frustration from fans does not stem from this season alone.  From 2008 – 2012, the former Virginia Cavalier has thrown a total of 55 interceptions. That averages out to 11 a season.

If the Texans are to live out their championship aspirations, Schaub will have to make decisions with the ball that will result in scores for his team.

Schaub has a daunting, yet not impossible task ahead of him in week five when he faces a San Francisco defense that only allows 190.5 passing yards an outing.  Does his road to redemption start here?

Here we go:

*Browns over Bills

*Saints over Bears

*Patriots over Bengals    

*Packers over Lions

*Colts over Seahawks

*Dolphins over Ravens

*Giants over Eagles

*Rams over Jaguars

*Chiefs over Titans

*Panthers over Cardinals

*Broncos over Cowboys

*Texans over 49ers

*Chargers over Raiders

*Falcons over Jets

Last week, 8-7…the struggle to stay above .500 is real.

By Antoine Hoffman


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