The opening weekend of the 2013 NFL season saw the logging of unbelievable numbers.

Here’s a look back at these uncanny recordings:
-Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw seven touchdowns in the Thursday night opener against the Baltimore Ravens; a surface that has not been scratchedNFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions since 1969.
-Adrian Peterson’s first carry from scrimmage resulted in a 78-yard touchdown run against the Detroit Lions.
-Anquain Boldin debuts as a San Francisco 49er with 13 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown. Hi Baltimore!
-Indianapolis safety LaRon Landry, New England linebacker Jerod Mayo and Washington linebacker Perry Riley are all tie for the league lead in tackles at 15.
-The Philadelphia Eagles recorded an incredible 53 offensive plays in the first half of its Monday night win over the Washington Redskins.
With breakout numbers like these, it’s safe to say fans weren’t the only ones chomping at the bit for the start of a new season.
As epics as these beginnings are, expectations abroad should be tempered.  This isn’t to say that these individuals/teams will not have quality seasons, but many should bedm_130909_nfl_booth_analysis_eagles careful to not allow their imaginations to run away with them.
Should we really expect Manning to continue this pace and throw 112 touchdowns in the regular season? As amazing of a playmaker as Peterson is, is it logical to expect a 70+ touchdown run from him game in and game out?  Will opposing defenses be so charitable towards Boldin that 200+ yard games are the norm?  Will the three tackle leaders be jointed at the hip as the season progresses?  It’s possible that neither of them will be atop the heap come season’s end. Finally, as fast pace as the Eagles’ offense was, they concluded the game with 77 offensive plays. If they produced less than half of the plays they ran in the second half, we shouldn’t look for 50+ play halves from them moving forward.
Speaking of halves, I managed to get one game over the halfway mark with my picks at 9-7. I’m above .500, however this is nothing to throw a parade over.
Redemption begins now…Here we go:
*Patriots over Jets
*Falcons over Rams
*Eagles over Chargers
*Chiefs over Cowboys
*Colts over Dolphins
*Texans over Titans
*Redskins over Packers
*Ravens over Browns
*Panthers over Bills
*Bears over Vikings
*Saints over Buccaneers
*Lions over Cardinals
*Raiders over Jaguars
*Broncos over Giants
*49ers over Seahawks
*Bengals over Steelers
That’s my forecast for the second week of the season. Come back for more of this in 168 hours.
By Antoine Hoffman

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