TheCount-3Unlike a typical episode of Sesame Street, where you get the full show before the alphabetical numerical sponsorship to conclude it, this week’s picks will reverse the order of appearance.

With that said, to echo a familiar face, Count von Count, “Today’s Take No Prisoners, NFL Weekly Picks is brought to you by the number three…AH-AH-AH-AH!”kw-7-600x541

The reason for this week’s numerical sponsorship is as follows:

J.J. Watt, Defensive End, Houston Texans- With 19.5 sacks in his possession, the former Wisconsin Badger is 3.5 sacks away from breaking Michael Strahan’s 22.5 mark, set back in 2001.

Calvin Johnson, Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions- In the midst of inconsistencies by his team, Megatron has been the one constant on the field of play.  Having already generated 1,167 receiving yards, he’s just 181 away from eclipsing the 1,848 yards Jerry Rice posted in 1985.calvin-johnson

Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings- Of this bunch, Peterson’s quest for elite status is the most compelling.  He’s coming off a late season, ACL injury in 2011 and looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. In addition, the current single season rushing leader, Eric Dickerson, posted his mark of 2,105 rushing yards in 1984. Twenty-eight years later, Peterson aims to dethrone Dickerson.  Peterson wears the number 28…call me a conspiracy theorist of whatever, but this is not just a coincidence. Recently, Eric Dickerson said he doesn’t want his record to be broken. You think AP/All-Day isn’t that much more motivated to do it?hi-res-158433952_crop_650x440

Yes, we’ve seen seasons where multiple players have posted single season highs in their respective categories, but for three to potentially set all-time, leading, single season marks, dethroning previous leaders, is unheard of. This breed NFL players sit in a class of its own.

And if you’re wondering where I stand on these three players, with two games left, I believe that all three will break records in their respective categories, barring any mishaps. Two of the three, will contribute to their record-breaking seasons, battling each other in the process s-PETERSON-DICKERSON-largewhen the Houston Texans welcome the Minnesota Vikings. How many times will Adrian Peterson blow by J.J. Watt on the way to glory? How many sacks will Watt beat Peterson for in his attempt to protect Christian Ponder?

Here’s how week 16 will pan out:

Falcons over Lions

Saints over Cowboys

Packers over Titans

Redskins over Eagles

Colts over Chiefs

Dolphins over Bills

Chargers over Jets

Steelers over Bengals

Rams over Buccaneers

Panthers over Raiders

Patriots over Jaguars

Texans over Vikings

Broncos over Browns

Bears over Cardinals

Ravens over Giants

49ers over Seahawks      

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why this week’s forecast is sponsored by the number three. Going 10-6 last week, I can’t afford for that number to represent how many games I picked correctly. As always enjoy the games and come back to see us in a week.

By Antoine Hoffman


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