Boxing has taken a series of hits recently. From judges throwing fights to boxers taking certain fights only to duck an opponent. The sport has become watered down.mayweather pacquiao wbn

What made the sport of boxing uncommon and so special was the characters that it produced over the years. It’s the Joe Louis’,  Muhammad Ali’s, Mike Tyson’s, Ray Leonard’s, Floyd Mayweather’s , Jack Johnson’s, and Manny Pacquiaos’, among others, that have uniquely established the culture of boxing.

With Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather approaching the twilight of their careers, who’s the next out there that has the talent and charisma to keep fans purchasing those Pay Per Views?

I believe it to be  Adrien Broner .

Nicknamed “The Problem”,  Broner (25-0, 21 KO) is the current WBC Lightweight champion and former WBO Super Featherweight champion, with 21 knockouts. He’s only 23! His boxing style is very similar to Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s often considered as the “new improved” Mayweather and has the showmanship and skill to back it up.

Now, Broner will have to fill some big shoes to reach “Money’s” status but he’s on his way. All he has to do is to remain focused on that ring. Defensively, Broner has the121117-demarco-vs-broner-580x358 “shoulder roll” perfected. His speed is outstanding and the kid can punch.

With regards to self promoting, the two boxers are true masters of their craft. Which will make you, in the eyes of boxing fans, as the “Fighter You Love To Hate”. Whether you like Floyd or not, you still will pay to watch him fight. That’s what makes both boxers attractive to watch, other than their boxing talent.

Mayweather is a complete entertainer, and Broner is making his mark as well. However, Mayweather’s resume fortifies it and that’s what Broner should emulate the most.floyd broner

What would make Broner stand apart from Mayweather is to consistently pursue the best fighters. The Super Light Weight division is where Broner can stamp his career as one of boxing’s greats. If you look at that division, you’ll find Amir Khan (Current Champion), Brandon Rios, Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse and Mike Alvarado, all top fighters.

If Broner continues to put in the necessary gym work, all the self-hype will prosper. Broner has the potential to be the man once Floyd is gone. Trying to balance success while staying on track can be difficult. Still,  I think  he has all the tools. What’s more important is that he has the mindset to just be Adrien Broner and not a “Mayweather” wanna be!

Just a thought!


By Keith Madyun


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