For those of you who are looking forward to the much-anticipated Super Fight between UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Welterweight kingUFC-Bell-Centre Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, you will have to work more on perfecting the art of patience.

Here’s why! On Saturday, December 15th, the UFC front office dropped a bomb that shook the very foundation of Mixed Martial Arts. It was announced by the Las Vegas, Nevada based organization that Saturday March 16th will be the evening in which Montreal’s Bell Centre will host a tripleheader, main event card, featuring the welterweight division, in the form of UFC 158.

The three-piece combo opens with mirror imaged fighters doing battle as Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger meets Johnny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks, to likely decide the next contender for the title. Given the scud missiles these two tend to throw, it’ll be a miracle if the final verdict falls into the judges’ hands.

Wedged between the opened and the finale is an aspired act of revenge as Montreal’s own Rory “Ares” MacDonald looks to exact revenge against former interim WelterweightSilva-vs-GSP Champion Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit. With Condit being the culprit behind MacDonald’s only loss, the young “god of war” aims for redemption in his March homecoming.

Finally, bitter rivals will settle their differences as former Strikeforce Welterweight champion Nick Diaz looks to spoils a return home by taking the title from undisputed champion St. Pierre. These two have expressed their contempt towards each other for many years March 16th will finally gives these two the stage needed to put their words into action.

Now going back to the much-anticipated Super Fight, depending on how things play out, one can’t help but wonder when this fight will take place.  Let’s dig a little deeper into this, shall we?

If St. Pierre retains his title, it’s only right that he defense his title. Why?  His situation differs from Silva’s.  How, you ask?  Silva is in a position where he has pretty muchhi-res-6756972_crop_exact cleaned out his division.  Even with the rise of say Chris Weidman, who has campaigned for a title shot, he still hasn’t done enough to make himself a legitimate title contender.  In this blogger’s opinion, Silva is only one fight away from cleaning out the division, and that’s against Michael “The Count” Bisping.

As far as GSP is concerned, there are at least three fighters he must see before achieving total mastery of the division.  First, Diaz’s cardio, sharp striking, Jiu-Jitsu brilliance and ignorance of the word and meaning of “quit” makes him a difficult challenge for the champion.  From there, there’s the winner of the Ellenberger/Hendricks fight.  As mentioned earlier, these two mirror each other.  They are great wrestlers with heavy hands, but that’s where their gifts end.  The combatant to emerge from this one will have to have a miracle take place for him to overcome the diversity of the champion.  But before they get a title shot, they should test their might against MacDonald, should he emerge successful against Condit. If a scenario plays out for MacDonald to face either Ellenberger or Hendricks, MacDonald should shine,Nick Diaz given his diversity.  From there, St. Pierre should face MacDonald, who is a protégé of St. Pierre at the Tri Star Gym. Although St. Pierre and MacDonald have mutually agreed they would not fight each other, the UFC is Dana White’s world and the fighters involved just live in it.  Should their respective journeys lead them to one another, given the potential promotion, marketing and revenue that could come from this, you think White isn’t going to make this happen?  The only way a St. Pierre/MacDonald confrontation does not happen, if St. Pierre unexpectedly retires.

Given the possible Ellenberger/Hendricks/MacDonald triangle, and the time needed to be sorted out, this would be the best time to move forward with the Silva/St. PierreUS Presswire Sports Archive super fight.  The last thing St. Pierre should do is suffer a possible loss before the super fight, which could hinder that bout’s value.

Alas, before I count more eggs before they hatch, I can’t overlook March in Montreal.  The triple header in itself makes this my early candidate for 2013’s Card of the year.  Please stay tuned to Take No Prisoners Sports, as we will stay connected to all things involving this massive event.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we look forward to the month of March where prognostications of this epic event will come forth.

By Antoine Hoffman


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