This was unreal.

How could this happen?

So as Juan Manual Marquez was delivering that devastating straight right, putting Pac-Man to sleep, I sat in disbelief. I had to pinch myself literally to make sure that what IPacquiao_Marquez_Boxing_t618 witnessed was actually real.

How could this happen to a man who dominated the sport of boxing?

How could Manny get caught like that especially when he’s been the one that normally issues such punishments? Remember when he forced Erik Morales to quit? What about the one-hitter-quitter’s he delivered to Ricky Hatton and David Diaz? What about the destruction of Cotto and the butt-whipping he gave Margarito?

What a career!

Now everyone expected Pacquiao to come out guns blazing in this fight, especially after getting robbed by the judges in the Timothy Bradley bout. Not to mention the fact most thought that he actually lost to Marquez in their third fight. Everyone thought that he’d be straight.juan-manuel-marquez-pacquiao

Then the unthinkable happened. Pacquiao, lying unconscious on the canvas in front of thousands at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Manny was out as if he fell prey to a sniper’s bullet, while Marquez raised his arm in victory. That one punch was sweet revenge for a fighter who desperately needed vindication.

So what now?

Where will Manny go from here? Maybe a fight with Brandon Rios? Options are far and few mainly because Golden Boy promotionsmanny-pacquiao_2288470b has a strangle hold on the 140-147 pound class for its prize fighter, Lucas Matthysse, who I think would be a death sentence for Manny. Would people actually pay for a Pacquiao/Marquez 5? And don’t even think about a fight with Floyd Jr. Those hopes went away on December 8th.

At 33, Pac-Man has been in the game for almost 20 years and that knockout alone probably added a couple of years. His big payday is probably all but over now. But quite frankly, he doesn’t need to fight anymore. He has a career in politics and music.

He’ll be just fine.

Written by Keith Madyun


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