When you think of the buzz that has been created around Washington Redskins football, you can’t help but think RG3 is the source of it.robert-griffin-and-cam-newton1

Yes, he has wowed and amazed the masses with his raw talent and football acumen. I mean he recently passed Cam Newton to become the all time leading rookie quarterback in rushing yards. With just four interceptions, he has the lowest amount of picks amongst quarterbacks who started every game of the season. Finally, he’s only behind Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning in the passer rating department with a 104.4 mark.

With this in mind, attribution of Washington’s offensive surge should go in more than one direction. Specifically, that direction is in the backfield, behind Griffin. His name, Alfred Morris!  Going into the 2012 NFL Draft, an unshakable indictment of fumbling hovered over Morris. In his last three seasons at Florida International University, he fumbled five times in each campaign. Maybe that’s why he fell to the sixth round, into the hands of the Washington Redskins. On a mission to prove the other 31 teams they mistakenly looked over him, Morris has run his way into the upper brass of 2012 rushers.alfred-morris

Morris is tie with fellow rookie running back Doug Martin with 1,106 rushing yards. This past Monday against the New York Giants, he not only became the first Redskins running back to rush for over 1,000 yards since Clinton Portis’ 2008 campaign of 1,487 yards; he also broke Reggie Brooks’ 1993 mark of 1,063, becoming Washington’s all time leading rookie rusher.

While conventional wisdom suggests tempered expectations, is it out-of-pocket to consider Morris the modern-day Terrell Davis? The two share parallels!  He, like Davis, is a sixth round gem that has exploded onto the scene. He possesses a combination of power and speed. Not to mention, he has the benefit of running behind a stellar blocking scheme.

For Redskins Nation, it will be a joy to watch Morris’ development for seasons to come.

After a four-week streak of double-digit wins, week 13 caused me to fall short by one game. Redemption begins tonight.  Here we go:

Broncos over Raiders

Rams over Bills

Bengals over Cowboys

Browns over Chiefs

Colts over Titans

Redskins over Ravens

Vikings over Bears

Steelers over Chargers

Buccaneers over Eagles

Falcons over Panthers

Jets over Jaguars

49ers over Dolphins

Saints over Giants

Seahawks over Cardinals

Packers over Lions

Texans over Patriots

That’s the stamp on this week. We’ll do it again in week 15.

By Antoine Hoffman


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