In most cases, interaction between Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys fans is similar to that of the Hatfields and McCoys. Not often will these parties be in agreement on anything.

Alas, there is an exception to the rule. The common ground between the two is the angst endured in waiting for this storied rivalry to kick off its 2012 installment. This day of destiny has finally arrived.

For the first time since the 2009 season, the Cowboys and Redskins will see each other for the first time in November. As if more was needed to generate excitement, they face each other in the second game of the Thanksgiving Day rotation, with second place in the NFC East to be decided.

These two have played each other close over the last two seasons and with all that is entailed, we should expect nothing less than all the trimmings. Can Washington gain more ground in the division or will Dallas become a bigger object in New York’s rear view mirror?

Three games on tap for Turkey Day…a full day on Sunday and the a Monday nighter that could be the bitter cherry on top. With all that said, here we go:

Texans over Lions- The scare from Jacksonville last week served as a wakeup call for Houston. Watch their response on Turkey Day.

Redskins over Cowboys- If RG3 can shine in a ruckus environment like New Orleans, there’s no reason to think he can’t do the same in Dallas, which will be a homecoming for him.

Patriots over Jets- Will New England run up the score on Gang Green the same way they did again Indianapolis?

Vikings over Bears- Chicago is 0-3 against legit NFL teams. Minnesota will drop them to 0-4.

Bengals over Raiders– As much as Carson Palmer wants to exact revenge against his former team, he won’t.

Browns over Steelers- Somebody call Neil O’Donnell and Kordell Stewart…Pittsburgh needs depth.

Colts over Bills- Indianapolis should right the ship this week against a surprisingly disappointing Buffalo defense.

Broncos over Chiefs- Once upon a time, Kansas City was formidable at home. My, how times have changed.

Seahawks over Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill is in for a long day against that speedy Seattle defense.

Buccaneers over Falcons- ATL is fool’s gold…take that to the bank.

Jaguars over Titans– Last week Jacksonville came close. This week, they’ll get their second win. Don’t make a liar out of me!

Ravens over Chargers- Let the countdown to the end of Norvell Turner’s San Diego stint begin.

49ers over Saints- The run that New Orleans has been on is admirable. It’ll lose team this week.

Rams over Cardinals- The spirit of Jeff Fisher will help the Rams grind out a close one.

Packers over Giants- With New York owning Green Bay in recent playoff games, what better way for the Cheeseheads to get vengeance than narrowing Big Blue’s playoff path?

Panthers over Eagles- The Monday night scheduling committee have pie in their faces with this booking, don’t they?

I walked out of week 11 with an 11-3 mark. I saddle up to week 12, looking to mirror such results.

To the TNP Nation, please have a safe, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy the games and come back to us safely so we can do it again next week.

By Antoine Hoffman


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