When a team consists of such combustible elements as a media hungry front office (specifically general manager Mike Tanenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan), a former Pro Bowl receiver in Santonio Holmes, who is now obsolete, a mediocre quarterback stable, a disappointing running game and a 3-6 record through nine games, many can’t help but project the engine of the New York Jets to sputter out.

Already in a class of its own as the NFL’s most chaotic circus of 2012, now gossip/backbiting has infiltrated the camp. In a recently installed game of “he say- she say”, some Jets players have anonymously taken shots at teammate and backup quarterback Tim Tebow. In a New York Daily News article, some unnamed players called him terrible, while in an  ESPNNewYork.com report, others suggested the team had no choice but to stick with the slumping Mark Sanchez because “they have no other viable option”.

In media mongering fashion, Ryan rips his “cowardly” players and in the same breath, suggests the team is unified and will not be “pulled apart by outside people.” Talk about irony! It appears the only harmonious thing about this team is the discretionary contempt some players have toward their signal callers.

The “Hey, look at me” approach has come back to haunt Gang Green tremendously. Yes, you’re getting more attention than fellow tenants and defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.  However, you’re now the biggest sideshow this season has to offer.

The good news is New York has seven games left to show some sort of resolve. Can they get beyond the turmoil to do so?

Here we go:

Dolphins over Bills

Falcons over Cardinals

Cowboys over Browns

Packers over Lions

Bengals over Chiefs

Redskins over Eagles

Rams over Jets

Buccaneers over Panthers

Texans over Jaguars

Saints over Raiders

Broncos over Chargers

Colts over Patriots

Ravens over Steelers

49ers over Bears 


Leave it up to San Fran and the “Show Me” State to leave me at an 11-2-1 mark.  Something’s gotta be done about these ties in the NFL.  Either way, I went well over .500 again and I can only build on that.  As always, have a safe weekend, enjoy the games and we’ll do this again in 168 hours.

By Antoine Hoffman


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