Philadelphia…New Orleans…San Diego…all three have been the most commonly picked teams to win it all in recent preseasons. Of this bunch, New Orleans is the only organization to win it all. In that, did anyone really project them to reign in NFL Supremacy three seasons ago?

This season is no exception!  High hopes were invested into these outfits. For whatever reason, their play has not emulated that of a championship contender. Whether it’s the aftermath scandal, the absent of key components from seasons past or something “dreamy” evolving into a nightmare, the Eagles, Saints and Chargers, thus far, have not lived up to their respective billing.

With half the season in the rear view, and a combined win loss record of 8-13, a wakeup call is definitely in order. Can San Diego do what it does best and turn it up in the second half of the season to snatch the AFC West? Can the Eagles FLY FLY FLY on the road to victory? Will the Saints come marching into the second half of the season on a more dominant note?

Let’s find out:

Chiefs over Chargers

Broncos over Bengals

Browns over Ravens

Redskins over Panthers

Packers over Cardinals

Bears over Titans

Dolphins over Colts

Lions over Jaguars

Texans over Bills

Buccaneers over Raiders

Seahawks over Vikings

Steelers over Giants

Falcons over Cowboys

Saints over Eagles

I went 9-5 in week eight.  Hopefully, the upward trend continues.

By Antoine Hoffman


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