For the fourth time since becoming champion, Jon “Bones” Jones successfully defended his light heavyweight title after forcing Vitor Belfort into a fourth round submission of UFC 152’s main event this past Saturday night in Canada. Bones used an Americana arm lock submission to end it.

Before Jones took control of the bout, an upset was almost in the making in the first round.

Belfort caught Jones in an armbar while on his back, but Jones fought through the pain and was able to get out of it. He later admitted that he never felt a submission attempt like that before. Jones stated: “I have never had my arm popped like that…I honestly was waiting for it to break” Now that’s tough!

It was clear that Jones’ right arm was bothering  him the rest of the fight as he stated later: “My brain is trained to throw it, so I threw it, but it didn’t feel powerful at all.”

Belfort made it a point to secure an upset by way of a submission. He often flirted with ground attacks. Big mistake! Bones unleashed a flurry of devastating elbows. Belfort tried to go toe to toe but couldn’t withstand Jones’ powerful kicks. It was clear in the third round, as Belfort absorbed a kick from Jones to the mid-section that sent him to the mat.

After the match, Belfort claimed to have injured his ribs during training for the title fight. He said: “He caught me with a kick in the rib. I already had an injury in training. I was trying to work my jiu-jitsu and catch my breath but he was long and his pace was pretty well. That’s why he’s the champion.”

There was a lot learned in this bout. Jones showed resilience as he continues to cement himself as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, Belfort showed us that he has a lot left in the tank. Belfort also proved to be a formidable opponent and a great test for Jones.

By Keith Madyun


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