Picture yourself as a quarterback. You fall victim to a defensive barrage that resulted in your offense producing the following

-Four interceptions

-Allowing seven sacks

-Averaging 2.4 yards per pass

-No field positioning in the red zone

These few, yet glaring issues suggest there is blame to be administered across the board. With that sad, how do you single out one individual to unleash your fury upon? Leave it up to Jay Cutler to find a way.

In the debut of weekly Thursday night NFL games, September 13th was a night in which the Chicago Bears were inhospitably welcomed to Lambeau Field, courtesy of the Green Bay Packers. All it took was a second sack for Jay Cutler to get in the face of left tackle J’Marcus Webb and yell for him to “DO HIS #&^@%*! JOB”. He even took things a step further by bumping Webb on the sideline and continuing to shout before halftime. Webb’s humility under such an adverse moment is commendable. I can’t say I know what it is to be on the receiving end of two sacks from the same side of the line of scrimmage, what I do know is Cutler’s actions were unsavory.

Let’s be real Jay, an unproven offensive lineman is being asked to protect you from Pro-Bowl/All-Everything linebacker Clay Matthews. Are your expectations that distorted?  Yes, Webb was badly beaten on those sacks, but the impotence of your offense can’t be attributed to him alone. Is it his fault that your offensive coaches didn’t make the adjustments needed to stifle Matthews’ mastery of the left side? Let’s just say your coaches did make adjustments. Your teammates still have to execute what’s being called. Did you scream on Matt Forte who was absent in pass protection? What about the interior of your offensive line? Chilo Rachal (Left Guard), Roberto Garza (Center) and Lance Louis (Right Guard) all proved to be human turnstiles, resulting in the other sacks you suffered. Have you taken time out to look yourself in the mirror and admonish yourself to play better? After all, the interceptions you threw were all errant passes on your part. Finally, maybe you should have a visit with your front office and express your dismay with its inability to beef up your offensive line.

Discouraging or infuriating someone who protects you for a living is not advised. At the end of the day Jay, it’s up to you to be a leader and respond to adversity better than you did. Try promoting unity with your cohorts  so you can collectively fix your offensive woes while progressing throughout the season.

Taking a 6-10 beating tells me I a have a problem of my own to fix. What kind of resolve will I show in week three? Let’s find out:

Panthers over Giants

Rams over Bears

Browns over Bills

Cowboys over Buccaneers

Titans over Lions

Colts over Jaguars

Dolphins over Jets

49ers over Vikings

Saints over Chiefs

Redskins over Bengals

Cardinals over Eagles

Chargers over Falcons

Texans over Broncos

Steelers over Raiders

Ravens over Patriots

Packers over Seahawks

These are my calls for the week. Check back with us to see how I faired.  As always, enjoy the games.

By Antoine Hoffman


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