If the title led you to believe you were in for a review of an upcoming restaurant or a special promotion that a current chain is running, allow me to both apologize and implore you to seek other options for thoughts on tasty burgers.

What inspired this was something  never before done in NFL history. For the first time in the league’s almost century-long existence, five teams scored 40+ points in one week. Talk about an explosive way to open a season.

With the cast of characters Atlanta (40 points vs. Kansas City Chiefs) has on offense, who wouldn’t expect the “Dirty Birds” to drop 40 on somebody? The shock and awe of it all comes from the other teams who tapped into 40-point territory:

Baltimore Ravens (44 points vs. Cincinnati Bengals)- Can Baltimore’s offense finally compliment its defense? Has Joe Flacco spoken his greatness into existence? While that remains to be seen, he sure was surgical against a solid Cincinnati defense this past Monday night.

Chicago Bears (41 points vs. Indianapolis Colts)- In last week’s picks, I suggested this offense would be a fun one to watch. To click on the cylinders it did out of the gate was an absolute surprise. Remember the names Cutler, Forte, Bush, Jeffrey and Marshall!

New York Jets (48 points vs. Buffalo Bills)- In one regular season game, Gang Green outscored their preseason point total by 17 points. Mark Sanchez who couldn’t find the end zone in the preseason, accounted for three touchdowns in the season opener.

Washington Redskins (40 points vs. New Orleans Saints)- In 2011, Washington was meager in the points department at 18 an outing. Scoring 40 points against the team many expected that amount from was jaw-dropping to say the least. The kicker, the offensive charge was led by two rookies in the backfield. One of which, Robert Griffin III, was just named NFC Offensive Player of the week.

Even if none of these teams ever score 40 points again in 2012, the most important thing is for them to maintain momentum moving forward.

As far as I’m concerned, with 10 wins in the opening week (10-6 overall), I too, aspire to keep momentum for remainder of the season.  Can I?

Week two is here…let’s find out:

Bears over Packers

Chiefs over Bills

Browns over Bengals

Colts over Vikings

Dolphins over Raiders

Patriots over Cardinals

Giants over Buccaneers

Ravens over Eagles

Saints over Panthers

Texans over Jaguars

Redskins over Rams

Cowboys over Seahawks

Steelers over Jets

Titans over Chargers

49ers over Lions

Broncos over Falcons

Let’s do it again next week!

By Antoine Hoffman


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