July 4 2012 was an explosive day for the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers provided the fireworks when they stole 2-time MVP Steve Nash from division rival Phoenix Suns for future draft picks. That’s right, draft picks. At Nash’s request, the Lakers and Suns reached a signed and trade, with LA using the trade exception it got when it sent Lamar Odom to Dallas to simplify the transaction….So they say.

Here’s Take No Prisoner’s Vision on how the Steve Nash trade to the Los Angeles Lakers really went down.


Nash: Hello…Steve Nash speaking!

Bryant: Yo Steve, its Kobe!

Nash: Kobe? Kobe Bean Bryant?! I wasn’t expecting a call from you. How the hell are you?

Bryant: I’m doing just fine. You’re not still pissed at me for dropping 37 on you and you team in Game 6 of the 2010 Western Conference Finals are you?

Nash: (Even though you singled handed destroyed my NBA Finals chances): Me, pissed? Nooo…I’m over it!

Bryant: (I had to get you back for what you did to me in 06′): You know that was just business not personal?

Nash: Yeah, Yeah I know.

Bryant: So you’re sure there are no hard feelings? You did say last week that you couldn’t see yourself putting on a Lakers jersey.

Nash: I said that? Noooo!

Bryant: Anyways…I’m really calling you because I want you to play for me and the Lakers.

Nash: Play for the Lakers? Well Toronto is offering me a hefty amount.

Bryant: Hahaha. Toronto…Really? Didn’t I drop 81 on those bums a few years back? You know I can do it again right?

Nash: You’re such a joker!

Bryant: Come on Steve! Help me get number 6 and possibly number 7. I really want to pass Mike. I can get you your first ring. What do you say?

Nash: Well….The Knicks and Dallas want me as well.

Bryant: Dude, New York isn’t a championship contender plus they fired your boy D’Antoni. And  how did the first stint with the Mavs work for you brah? You want that ring right?

Nash: A ring would make my career complete. What’s up with Mike Brown?

Bryant: Huh? Mike Brown? He’s a non factor? I got this!

Nash: Is Gasol staying?

Bryant: Man with you dishing out dimes, Bynum controlling the paint, Me doing what I do and the rest of my minions just being live bodies, who cares if Pau stays. You  just stay healthy and we will win at least 2 titles.

Nash: Hey Kobe? Could you recommend your guy in Germany to check me out?

Bryant: No problemo! In fact you can go when I go in August.

Nash: That’s perfect.

Bryant: Steve I gotta run. Now if I don’t see you in a purple and gold jersey this season, I will make the remainder of your career a living hell.

Nash: I figured as much. Hey Kobe….question?

Bryant: Hurry up. I have another Nike Commercial to do. It’s about your boy LeBron…Hahaha..too funny!

Nash: How does it feel to get fitted for a championship ring?

Bryant: Tell me in June! Peace!


By Keith Madyun


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  1. Dani says:

    Cute……but you didn’t have to diss my Lebron? Lol

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