Week 15 of the National Football League’s regular season saw two teams experience unlikely firsts. For starters, the Green Bay Packers suffered their first loss of the season, at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Going the opposite direction, the Indianapolis Colts got its first win against a division foe in Tennessee. Finally, in a double whammy, once acclaimed wide receiver Chad Johnson found pay dirt for the first time this season, which helped the Patriots give the Broncos their first loss in seven games.

Looking at these scenarios, the question is how will the number one impact these teams? For Green Bay, I think that “1” loss was needed. The team did an excellent job maintaining a reasonable temperament, operating under the one-game-at-a-time philosophy. It can’t be accused of arrogance in any way. While losses tend to beget negative vibes, this particular one could serve as fuel to propel The Pack throughout the postseason. NFC, get ready!

Indianapolis is all but assured the first pick of the 2012 NFL draft. For years, this team has rested on the abilities of Peyton Manning. It’s understandable to some degree, given he’s one of the more prolific passers in the league’s history, which has resulted in a Vince Lombardi to call his own. However, the organization was not ready for the worst case scenario, which is the 2011 campaign. The hope is that this rare season for the Colts will cultivate in bringing in not only a quarterback for the future, whether remains a Colt or goes elsewhere, but it inspire the organization to broadly equip itself with players that can compete, even when marquee players suffer significant injury.

In the case of Chad Johnson, his lone touchdown at this point of the season, along with the allegations about his inability to grasp New England’s system, and not to mention his age, could deplete his value as a highly desired receiver.

Finally with the Broncos, how will this unit respond to adversity, coming off a Mile High run for a nice chunk of the season?

Who knew a number so small could carry so much volume?  Here’s week 16’s forecast:

Texans over Colts

Browns over Ravens

Broncos over Bills

Panthers over Buccaneers

Bengals over Cardinals

Chiefs over Raiders

Patriots over Dolphins

Jets over Giants

Steelers over Rams

Titans over Jaguars

Redskins over Vikings

Lions over Chargers

Eagles over Cowboys

49ers over Seahawks

Packers over Bears

Saints over Falcons

Last week was bananas, to say the least.  I broke even at 8-8.  I’ve gotta keep my head above water.  Come back next week for my results.  Please have a safe, blessed and joyous Holiday Season.

By Antoine Hoffman


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