Maybe there’s some sort of incentive for bashing Tim Tebow that I’m oblivious to because the number of people that are in line for this is borderline astronomical. Whether it’s his spiritual beliefs, throwing mechanics or the way he shovels snow, there appears to be a new game amongst NFL constituents called “Find Tebow’s Flaws”.

Okay, so he has yet toreach the fundamental soundness of Aaron Rodgers. And no he doesn’t give the media controversial, bulletin board material week in and week out. All he has is the one thing that can’t be coached, HEART.

As much of a fan as I am of the kid, I’m not so much of a mark that I overlook the other factors that have contributed to Denver’s recent success. The Denver Broncos, led by what seems to a rejuvenated Willis McGahee, have the league’s top rushing offense, averaging 159 yards per game. As far as the defense is concerned, do not be fooled by its 24th place ranking. That unit finds ways to get its offense back on the field, while making key plays that alters the outcome of games.

Going back to Tebow, the way he plays has become infectious. That “Will to Win” has embodied every Bronco that steps on the field. The refusal to disappoint one another in battle cannot be more clear.

The National Football League is a bottom-line kind of sport, which to me says winning takes precedent over anything else. “Tebow can’t throw”…”the defense ranks in the bottom half of the league”…BIG FROOPIN’ WHOOP. No it doesn’t meet everyone’s cosmetic standards, but Denver is the third hottest team behind Green Bay and Houston. This team puts on the hard hats and goes to work. Trust me, there are 16 teams wishing they had a five-game winning streak to call their own.

Can the Mile-High City keep it going for another week? Here we go:

Steelers over Browns

Ravens over Colts

Falcons over Panthers

Bengals over Texans

Lions over Vikings

Jaguars over Buccaneers

Dolphins over Eagles

Jets over Chiefs

Saints over Titans

Patriots over Redskins

49ers over Cardinals

Broncos over Bears

Packers over Raiders

Chargers over Bills

Giants over Cowboys

Seahawks over Rams

Last week, 11-5.

By the way, Tebow will just be 20 games into his two-year career, which includes 11 starts going into week 14.  If given a chance to lead this team through 2012 and beyond, one can only wonder what his potential wil be moving forward.

By Antoine Hoffman


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