“He means nothing to me”! These were the words uttered out of Miguel Cotto’s mouth when asked of his thoughts of Antonio Margarito, after a lopsided victory over the former Mexican champion. Miguel Cotto vowed to avenge his loss to Antonio Margarito and he didn’t disappoint. Cotto whipped Margarito with a dramatic TKO victory in front of a jam-packed Madison Square Garden.

The early going of the fight was similar to the first. Cotto landed clean shots while avoiding Margarito’s counters. Margarito applied the pressure affectively but not affective enough. Cotto was the more accurate puncher and won all the first three rounds. Round four was the beginning of the end for Margarito. Cotto delivered a left hook to Margarito’s right eye which produced a cut. This was the same eye that got badly damaged in his bout against Manny Pacquiao. As promised, Cotto went to work on that right eye, eventually shutting it.

Despite the cut, Margarito continued to bring the pressure. Through the middle rounds, specifically round seven, it looked like he might have  turned the corner, as he appeared to gain momentum. Unfortunately, Cotto’s punches along with Margarito’s eye, wouldn’t allow that momentum to carry on to the latter rounds.

By the ninth round, Margarito’s eye was completely shut and fatigue became an issue as well. He made it through that round, but it was evident that the end was near. Three seconds into the tenth, referee Steve Smoger asked doctor Barry Jordan twice if he wanted to stop the fight which Margarito’s camp clearly opposed to. After the second attempt, Smoger called the fight and Cotto retained the belt. Cotto landed 43% of his punches. The same amount landed in the first fight. But this time he got his revenge and furthered the notion that Margarito’s gloves was loaded in the first matchup.

Margarito future seems bleak. With a bum eye, Margarito will have a hard time getting license to a major fight again. I guess you can say that its “Mission Accomplished” for Cotto!

By Keith Madyun


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