With 24 hours left until the rematch between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, it’s time for “Take No Prisoners” to predict this anticipated bout. Here are questions that should be answered come fight night. Will Cotto avenge his loss to Margarito? Will Margarito duplicate what he “appeared to do” in the first bout and will a second win against Cotto restore his credibility?  Let’s take look at what we think the outcome will be, shall we?


This fight will be very entertaining. I expect the rematch will meet the same exciting standards of the first bout, and possibly exceed it. Especially with all the drama that it brings. In my opinion, Miguel Cotto would have won easily against  Antonio Margarito in their first fight, had it not been for Margarito’s advantage. Yes, I do believe that Margarito’s gloves had a hardened substance inside of  them. The fact that Cotto basically dominated 3/4 of the bout and Margarito couldn’t gather himself until round 11 to stop Cotto, speaks volumes on Cotto’s durability. Considering the controversy and the explosive exchanges between the two camps, you can’t help but to come to the conclusion that these two fighters downright despise one another. The bad blood between them will carry over in the ring on Saturday night in front of a packed Madison Square Garden crowd. Once again, it’s Puerto Rico vs Mexico and this time it’s for the Super Light Middleweight title. With New York having a huge Puerto Rican population, Cotto will have an advantage.

Given that Cotto’s had stamina problems as of late, I see him attacking Margarito’s surgically repaired right eye early in the bout. Margarito has a very strong chin. With that said, I’ll be surprised if Cotto knocked him out. Let’s face it, if he couldn’t do it as a  welterweight, the odds wouldn’t be in his favor to do it at super light middleweight. Margarito will look to do what he does best and that’s applying pressure. The big question is..will that plan be as effective in this fight? Margarito stunk it up in his last two fights against Shane Moseley and Manny Pacquiao. Add that to a bad eye, the loaded gloves controversy and in turn, losing his license, we’ll see on Saturday whether or not Margarito has the physical and mental capacity to redeem himself or is he’s just damaged goods. My prediction, Cotto wins in a unanimous decision.

Thank you fight fans for checking out my predictions and look for my recap next week. Enjoy the fight!

By Keith Madyun


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