At the risk of drawing opposition, I say the following, “I’m in favor of end-zone/big play celebrations.” Allow me to be more specific. Given the preparation a player puts into becoming a peak performer, he should celebrate his accomplishments.

Yes, expectations call for players to perform at a maximum level, still, what person in the workforce doesn’t acknowledge a personal achievement? The options of celebration may differ, but the motives are similar.

Like anything else, there should be exceptions to this rule. For me, you shouldn’t celebrate:

-When you score your team’s first touchdown while the other already has 44 points on the board.

-When you finally break up a pass after getting beat up and down the field.

-In a way that shows up your opponent. Sorry Primetime, holding up the ball, high-stepping and looking back at the defender is an         insult to that defender. LOL

-When your team is likely to watch the playoffs with the rest of the NFL’s following.

While those are just a few examples of condemnable celebrations, the most appalling/offensive one to date came from Buffalo’s own Stevie Johnson. In lieu of a second quarter touchdown against the New York Jets, Johnson, in one motion, mocks the Plaxico Burress club shooting, emulates a crashing Jet and reveals a t-shirt that reads “Why So Serious?” This from someone whose team is on a four-game losing skid? It’s this kind of buffoonery that led karma to bite your entire team genius.

Finishing at 9-7 last week, I’m hoping for a more celebratory week this time around.  Here we go:

Seahawks over Eagles

Titans over Bills

Bears over Chiefs

Falcons over Texans

Raiders over Dolphins

Broncos over Vikings

Patriots over Colts

Steelers over Bengals

Panthers over Buccaneers

Redskins over Jets

Ravens over Browns

Cowboys over Cardinals

Packers over Giants

49ers over Rams

Saints over Lions

Chargers over Jaguars

By Antoine Hoffman


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