Is there a quarterback in the NFL who has experienced more peaks and valleys in recent years than Jason Campbell? While he has his share of issues as a signal caller, not every shortcoming in his career was self-induced. In five seasons as a Washington Redskin, the word stability became a foreign term to him. In each season, he was under the tutelage of five different offensive coordinators, thus a variation of offensive schemes. His offensive lines were in no way comparable to Washington’s most acclaimed front line, “The Hogs”. Finally, his supporting casts were a mix of players who were potential playmakers riddled with injuries and marginal skill players in search of their identities.

In 2010, Campbell was liberated from his trying career in Washington for the Black Hole in Oakland. In 13 games, Campbell did alright for himself with 2,387 passing yards, 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He was instrumental in Oakland’s ownership of the AFC West, leading the Raiders to a 6-0 record against division foes. While Oakland failed to make the postseason, there was hope.

In 2011, Campbell came out of the gates, appearing more comfortable in his new digs. The Raiders were 3-2. Things were starting to shape up for Campbell, and then comes week six. In the second quarter of a battle with the Cleveland Browns, Campbell suffered a season ending collarbone injury.

As if that wasn’t enough, Oakland makes an impactful midseason trade to acquire former Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Carson Palmer. Despite his sabbatical, Palmer has progressed a great deal in the completion percentage department. The Raiders are in first place of their division. Should the Silver and Black continue its trend, what will become of Jason Campbell?  While it’s too early to determine at this juncture, one can only hope that a player of his character and potential does not  find himself searching for another place to call home.

Given the strides I’ve made over the last few weeks, including a 10-6 mark in week 10, I’m hoping that double-digit wins are a region I can call home. With that said, here we go:

Broncos over Jets

Bengals over Ravens

Browns over Jaguars

Lions over Panthers

Packers over Buccaneers

Raiders over Vikings

Cowboys over Redskins

49ers over Cardinals

Seahawks over Rams

Falcons over Titans

Bears over Chargers

Giants over Eagles

Patriots over Chiefs

By Antoine Hoffman


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  1. Antoine, Jason certainly got a raw deal during his tenure with the ‘Skins. His signal calling may have been suspect but don’t forget that awful, nonexistent, O-line which, in my humble opinion, contributed to his failures.

    Now to your picks, I’ll agree with everything (especially Cowboys over Redskins, LAWD, LAWD) but the Bengals over the Ravens? I d-o-n-t think so.

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