For the first time in his NFL career, Carlos Rogers will walk into FedEx Field, dawning a color scheme that isn’t burgundy and gold. For six season, Rogers has had the task of checking the league’s top and second tier wide receivers. With the University of Auburn product came pros and cons. His biggest pro, he was a solid tackler. Whenever a ball carrier was in reach, he had a knack for closing in on his intended target. His con, the inability to snag interceptions. Many “could be” picks came his way, but he was unable to corral them. To this day, Redskins fans still ponder on the possibility of their team’s postseason chances, had he snagged the one pick that would’ve sent Washington past Seattle into the NFC championship game back in January 2006.

The area that has proven to be an Achilles’ heel for Rogers seems to have been conquered, as he has three interceptions in seven games, which is aready more than he’s had in every single season as a Redskin. Is “Los” looking to make his NFL homecoming a memorable one? Of course he is. The bigger question is can Washington make his return to FedEx Field to be a not so celebratory one?

Sticking with picks, I bounced back tremendously from my performances of the last three weeks, thanks to a 10-3 outing in week eight. Will week nine be just as favorable to me?  Here we go:

Bills over Jets

Cowboys over Seahawks

Texans over Browns

Falcons over Colts

Chiefs over Dolphins

Saints over Buccaneers

49ers over Redskins

Raiders over Broncos

Bengals over Titans

Cardinals over Rams

Patriots over Giants

Chargers over Packers

Steelers over Ravens

Bears over Eagles

By Antoine Hoffman


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