When you look back at this past offseason and the major changes that the Cincinnati Bengals underwent, at best, they were expected to be 6-10. Carson Palmer wanted out, Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him his latest alias) went to what he thought were greener pastures in New England, Cedric Benson’s status was uncertain given recent legal issues and Terrell Owens was on the mend, overcoming a major injury.

Just when you thought is was safe to place the Striped Cats into the cellar of the AFC, the Bengals are tied for second place in the AFC North and could be tied for first at week’s end.  They are second in total defense, only behind division foe Baltimore. They’re averaging 23 points a game, which isn’t anything to throw a parade over, yet it’s nothing to sweep under a rug either.  Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton is playing in a way that suggests Cam Newton isn’t the only offensive rookie that should garner attention.  Speaking of the 2011 rookie class, fellow first year Bengal A.J. Green has four touchdowns in six games played.

Coach Marvin Lewis has been placed in the hot seat, at a minimum, half of his tenure in Cincinnati.  At the rate this team is going, he should sit more comfortably as the season progresses.

While Cincinnati is on pace to shatter that six-win expectation, not only have I already matched that (Week 5), but I fell one game under that bar this past week with a whopping five wins.  Brutal, to say the least!  No time for moaning…gotta bandage up and get right back into it.  Here we go:

Ravens over Cardinals

Panthers over Vikings

Texans over Jaguars

Giants over Dolphins

Saints over Rams

Titans over Cots

Bills over Redskins

Lions over Broncos

Patriots over Steelers

Bengals over Seahawks 

49ers over Browns

Eagles over Cowboys

Chiefs over Chargers

By Antoine Hoffman


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