I can’t say I know who came up with “What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander”, but what I do know is some geese get away with things that others would be chastised for. More specifically, NFL players have standards that aren’t quite expected of their subordinates.

By now, everybody who follows the sport knows about the exchange that took place between head coaches Jim Schwartz (Detroit) and Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco) after the 49ers’ thrilling win over the Lions. I’m not here to argue who was right and wrong in this situation. What I can’t ignore is how the coaches went discipline-free after the Week Six skirmish, especially with the seemingly bad intentions Schwartz had. No, the exchange didn’t warrant a suspension, but shouldn’t there have at least been a fine in there somewhere? You fine players for certain touchdown/big play celebrations, but an altercation bordering a City Hall scuffle gets swept under the rug? Better yet, you hit a player’s wallet who avoids talking to the media so he isn’t misconstrued in any way? Isn’t selective justice grand?

Enough soapbox time…back to what I do on the regular. What I’m not doing is making better selections. I was only one game better in week 6 (7-6) than I was the previous week (6-7).  Let’s see if I can right this ship, shall we?

Redskins over Panthers

Browns over Seahawks

Lions over Falcons

Broncos over Dolphins

Chargers over Jets

Buccaneers over Bears

Titans over Texans

Cardinals over Steelers

Raiders over Chiefs

Cowboys over Rams

Packers over Vikings

Saints over Colts

Ravens over Jaguars

I’m back at it in 168 hours…’til then, have a safe, football-filled weekend.

By Antoine Hoffman


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