Coming off the circus that was Week Five (I went 6-7) and looking at what’s down the pike for this week, indecisiveness could be the operative word for me. Ten of the 13 games on tap can go either way. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Concern has surfaced, considering I just posted a career-low in wins, but I can’t let last week’s whirlwind toss me out of what I do. I’ve bit the bullet and now it’s time to throw caution to the wind. With that said, here we go:

Panthers over Falcons– After a wavering start to the season, Atlanta will finally go on a streak, but it’s one they’d necessarily want. The Dirty Birds struggle to defend something that Carolina seems to have excelled in…the passing game.

Bengals over Colts– The likely absence of Joseph Addai limits an offense that’s already trying to find its way.

Lions over 49ers– Nobody expected these teams to be where they are at this point of the season. One expectation I don’t have is for San Fran to do anything to effect Megatron’s (Calvin Johnson) all-pro season.

Packers over Rams– After crawling out of a two-touchdown hole and taking last week’s Sunday Nighter, I have no reason to challenge Green Bay’s status as the league’s best team.

Bills over Giants– If you follow NFL Network’s NFL Gameday, you’re familiar with Deion Sander’s profession of belief in Eli Manning. As much as I like what Prime Time brings to the table, I can’t subscribe to his doctrine. I’ll take Buffalo in this Super Bowl XXV rematch.

Steelers over Jaguars– Pittsburgh has become an enigma for me. It’s a team I have yet to figure out. I’m taking Steel Town on the strength of home field advantage…I guess…

Redskins over Eagles– Recent history tells us that Washington tends to restore teh life of teams that are considered doomed.  Just ask the Lions, Titans, Rams and Giants, who were catapulted to Vince Lombardi trophy a few seasons back, thanks to the Nation’s Capital. Will the burgundy & gold seize an opportunity, or continue its unfortunate trend?

Ravens over Texans– H-Town has a laundry list of injuries. The biggest blow came last week in the form of a season ending, bicep tear on Mario Williams. B-More’s offense should shine in this one.

Raiders over Browns–  The Black Hole will host its first home game since the passing of Al Davis. The environment will be electric, thus conducive to an Oakland win.

Patriots over Cowboys– Yes New England is last in total defense and yeah, Dallas can throw the ball up and down the field.  However, Dallas’ offense doesn’t have enough balance for me to go with the upset. Then there’s the Tony Romo factor…and I’ll leave it at that.

Saints over Buccaneers– After laying an egg against the 49ers, should I believe that Tampa’s offense will be able to keep up with The N-O’s offense on the scoreboard?

Bears over Vikings– Has Jay Cutler become more dependable than Donovan McNabb?

Dolphins over Jets– Why not?

Picking games in this league is risky business, but it’s gotta be done. While gambling is not encouraged, I implore you to always consider nothing in this sport ever goes as planned. Enjoy the games and we’ll get back into it next week.

By Antoine Hoffman


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