As soon as newly acquired backup quarterback Vince Young deemed the Eagles a “Dream Team”, all eyes have been on them. Well the Eagles are 1-2 and so far they aren’t living up to those “Dream Team” standards.

How can the Eagles right its ship?

Offensively, Michael Vick  is the Eagles best option for success. However, the protection of the offensive line has been horrendous thus far. As a result, Vick has been knocked out of two of the first three games. In game two against the Atlanta Falcons, Vick suffered a concussion and in last Sunday’s contest against the rival New York Giants; he had to leave the game due to an injury to his non-throwing hand. It was previously reported that he may miss Sunday’s game against the 49ers but was quoted on, that he’s 100% sure that he’ll play. Vick hasn’t helped his cause. He is holding the ball entirely too long in the pocket and his passing game has been inconsistent. Vick is also an undersized mobile QB and the threat of injury is always there.

On the bright side, Philly has Vince Young who is a formidable replacement. He is very capable of leading the Eagles to multiple wins and even a division crown if need be. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is one of the most dangerous players in the game today. His big play abilities are usually game changers. Alongside Jackson, the Eagles have another wide out in Jeremy Maclin that can turn heads as well. Unlike Vick, Maclin may miss Sunday’s game due to a hamstring injury.

Defensively, the Eagles have to do a better job tackling. They are now ranked 30th against the run. That’s unacceptable for a franchise known for attacking the run. Nnamdi Asomugha was brought in to shut receivers down. Well last Sunday, the New York Giants’ receivers abused Asomugha. He’s too talented of a corner to allow this to happen in multiple weeks. The linebacker corps is the weakest of the group. If Philly wants to be successful against the run they must control it at the line.

The Eagles must charge its battery and revert back to the pass, which made them hot in 2010. Philly’s ground attack is mediocre at best and after three games, the rushing totals are paralleling the pass. In today’s NFL, it’s PASS PASS PASS. Look at the teams who have been successful in the past decade (Patriots, Saints, Colts, Steelers etc), all are pass heavy teams that have won it all. Coach Andy Reid has been most successful when his teams threw the ball at a staggering rate. Philly needs to do what it takes to solidify that O-line for any hopes of a title. Without that this nightmarish start will continue.

By Keith Madyun


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