The National Football League has entailed some amazing feats in its existence.  Think about it!

In December of 1993, Cleveland Brown quarterback Vinny Testaverde set an NFL high, completing 91.3% of his passes against the then Los Angeles Rams. In the third week of the 2009 season, Arizona’s Kurt Warner set a new standard in the completion percentage department, hitting 92.3% of his targets against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Then there’s the all time receptions record. Just when we thought no one could surpass Terrell Owens’ 20-catch mark set in December 2000, along comes Brandon Marshall, one-upping that mark with 21 grabs in 2009 against Indianapolis.

Those scenarios are just a few examples that support the notion that records are made to be broken. Like most, I subscribed to that thought…and then week one of the 2011 season happened. More specifically, Cam Newton! You can question the validity or legitimacy of Arizona’s pass defense. You can call it beginner’s luck. However it’s labeled, a rookie quarterback, in his debut game, throwing for 422 yards cannot be slept on, overlooked, swept under a rug or depreciated. Am I anointing him as an all-time great? Of course not; his body of work needs more volume.  What I am doing is noting his performance in week one, warrants him some sort of recognition in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What it’s also done is force me to seek a refund on the policy I once subscribed to. I know I’m not an NFL Nostradamus and I know I can’t see into the future, but this is indeed is a rare feat. Yes many quarterback prospects will grace NFL fields for years to come, but I can’t see another rookie doing what Newton did.

Congratulations Cam on making it into a class of your own. I can confidently say I doubt if another NFL rookie quarterback will make such elite company.  My hope is for Newton to enjoy this accomplishment and do so quickly because I doubt history will repeat itself against the defending Super Bowl champions.

Speaking of confidence, my forecasts of a week ago helped me open the season at 11-5.  A new week is among us and this is how I’m going with it:

Bills over Raiders

Packers over Panthers

Lions over Chiefs

Buccaneers over Vikings

Bears over Saints

Jets over Jaguars

Steelers over Seahawks

Ravens over Titans

Redskins over Cardinals

49ers over Cowboys

Bengals over Broncos

Texans over Dolphins

Chargers over Patriots

Eagles over Falcons

Rams over Giants

Browns over Colts

Another week is in the books boys and girls.  Enjoy the games and we’ll do it again for week three.

By Antoine Hoffman


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