Win, lose or draw, Saturday September 17, 2011 will be a career changer for one Victor Ortiz. The 24-year-old WBC  World Welterweight champion will defend his crown against the undefeated and current WBC Emeritus Super Welterweight champion, Floyd  “Money” Mayweather Jr. This fight undoubtedly, will be the  biggest fight for both in 2011.  At 34, Mayweather is arguably the greatest in his era and is still on top of his game. Ortiz however, is the young stallion eager to prove the boxing world that he’s the next best thing. Let’s take a look at “Take No Prisoner’s” forecast on how things will play out come fight night!

Ortiz will try to use his aggressive boxing style with bad intentions to dominate the fight early. This may turn out to be a costly strategy as Mayweather is a defensive guru, as well as an elite counter puncher. Ortiz may think he has the blueprint for being the first boxer to defeat the “Unbeaten One”. Come fight night, Floyd will give Ortiz an orientation that will make  the young champion more familiar with what type of fighter that he is facing.

Ortiz will realize how deceptively powerful Floyd’s punches are. Ortiz has to deal with a fighter that is a master of avoiding damaging punches. Ortiz will face a pure boxer that can adapt to an opponent’s style better than most. Mayweather’s ability to connect while his opponent is in attack mode will frustrate Ortiz. Mayweather will try to keep a nice distance between himself and Ortiz. If he can capitalize on this, Ortiz is done. On the other hand, Mayweather must avoid Ortiz’s “One hitter quitter” that has the potential to end the bout at anytime. However, the likelihood of this happening is very slim. Mayweather is too skillful to fall into that trap.

The Ortiz camp sees Floyd as  nothing more than a “Good Fighter” versus a “Great Fighter”. The camp is also frustrated with all the media focus on the Mayweather camp and what it is doing. Their camp is claiming that they aren’t concerned with “Camp Mayweather”. Ortiz is making it known that Mayweather hasn’t fought anyone and that his 41 – 0 record is flawed feat. I wonder what Ole’ Victor Ortiz will have to say on Sunday when Mayweather’s record reads 42-0? I guess we will just have to see for our selves. Stay tuned for my recap and enjoy the fight!

By Keith Madyun


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