The Clinton Portis Era in Washington has come to an end; which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for fans in the Nation’s capital. The shocker might be the fact that Washington kept him this long. Portis missed a total of 19 games the past two seasons due to injuries. Portis claims that his last two  injuries (concussion and torn groin), were nothing but a fluke and that he still has something left in the tank. The Washington Redskins aren’t buying it. Nor am I! Sorry “Southeast Jerome”, We don’t believe you!

There is no way the ‘Skins can justify paying 8.3 million dollars to a running back that is broke down. Yes Portis has been a rock for the Redskins for years and yes he is great at  pass protection, as well as picking up the blitz. But this is a “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY”  league. You can’t be the  number one option at running  back when you’re constantly on the sidelines injured; especially when a team is trying to rebuild.

Portis has been involved in several plays that people, media and fans alike, have questioned. Hey Skins fans, do you remember the pre-season injury in 2006 when Portis launched himself into Bengals cornerback Keiwan Ratliff  after he intercepted quarterback Mark Brunell’s pass? That little stunt caused him to miss eight games. Of the remaining eight games he played that season, “CP” cracked the century mark in yards gained once. How about the Kansas City Chiefs game in 2009? I know Skins Nation knows about this one! The score was tied 3-3. Washington had the ball at their own 12 yard line. Portis hit this huge hole created by the o-line and outran the entire Chiefs secondary. Everyone knew that he was going to score, or so we thought. Portis appeared to have run out of gas and allowed safety Mike Brown to push him out of bounds. So what should have been an 88 yard touchdown run turned into a 78 yard run that led to a field goal. Washington would ultimately lose that game 14-6. The list goes on.

As of late, it’s nothing for Portis to hit an opening, only to stumble over a blockers’ foot. Even the slightest contact brought down. Now don’t get me wrong, Portis is one of the toughest football players of his era. There’s no question about his heart. However, Portis is in no way, the same player that led his team in 2005 to its first playoffs in six years. This isn’t the same Portis that in ’05, rushed for a franchise record 1516 yards and was in the discussion for league MVP. The 2011 Portis is a proud football player that thinks he’s still got it. Well, pride alone won’t cut it. As a Redskins fan, I salute you for what you’ve done in the past. Now it’s time to move on!

By Keith S. Madyun


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