Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is in the middle of a media firestorm after his team fell short of its goal to return to the super bowl. For those who’ve been hiding under a rock, I’ll bring you up to speed. Cutler left Sunday’s NFC championship game with a knee injury early in the third quarter. Fans as well as players (current/former) and media personalities, took no time to verbally attack Cutler, questioning his toughness. It was an assault that can be compared to Rush Limbaugh pounding President Obama’s policies. These attacks continued Monday well after it was revealed through an MRI that Cutler had suffered a grade II MCL sprain. Cutler’s nonchalant demeanor on the side lines and a lack of physical aid, such as crutches and icing his knee would lead you to believe that something was wrong that picture.

My question is, “Does a player have to be on crutches to have a knee injury?” Doesn’t Cutler’s disposition normally give an unexcitable or casual aura? So, what is the big uproar? I’m not Jay Cutler apologist, or even a fan, but how could anyone question his toughness? This season, Cutler was sack 52 times and missed one game (week 5) due to a concussion. In fact, that was the only game that he’s missed out of 68 starts, which includes being sacked 138 times, and he’s a Type 1 diabetic. That’s pretty darn tough if you ask me!

I can see fans having their doubtful opinions on the subject at hand. Fans pay good money to be entertained. They want to see the stars play from start to finish. I even understand the media’s take. Controversy brings the ratings….I get it! What really grinds my gears (ala Family Guys Peter Griffin), is fellow players going on Twitter and other media outlets to verbally rip this guy, questioning his man hood without merit. Most notable, Deion “Mr. Turf Toe” Sanders, Asante Samuel and Maurice Jones-Drew, who all jumped on Cutler without knowing the full extent of his injury. This premature rush to judgment is an embarrassing  display of unprofessionalism on their parts. It is well-known that Cutler is not a likeable guy but to attack a man’s heart because you don’t like him as well as assassinating his character, is too much and the responsible parties should feel ashamed. This is supposed to be a fraternity for heaven’s sake!

By Keith Madyun


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  1. Tanc says:

    I agree. On one person MJD said he was joking, he sent his tweet before the injury he said. Some of them players do not know what he plays with. The man cannot take any pain shots because he is a diabetic, so that right there should tell you something.

    But it was not his choice not to go back him. The coach and the doctor made him sit our, like they did when Romo tried to get back in that Giants game when he fractured his collar bone.

  2. Kevin Banks says:

    Well written. Chicago fans who bashed Cutler should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Chris Ross says:

    Great article here. Man, the news never stops in the NFL eh? It has been really interesting to see all the different angles that people have been taking with regards to the Jay Cutler story. The players obviously have a dislike for Cutler and were not going to give him the benefit of the doubt on anything. I think it shows a lack of respect from his fellow NFLers, which can’t be a good sign for a player. Despite his god given abilities and him taking his team to the NFC Championship this year there is definitely something missing in Cutler. I personally think the players had the right to talk because, well, it’s a free country right. However, it can’t be any good for Cutler and Chicago has to figure out where they wanna go with their QB situation because I know a lot of NFL fans are calling for the Bears to go in a different direction. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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