Tonight is the big night! Lebron James will play his former squad in what probably will be the most anticipated NBA game this season. Everyone will be tuning in to TNT tonight to see what type of reception “King James” gets. Personally, I don’t care who wins tonight. In fact, I’m  not even interested in the Philadelphia Eagles vs Houston Texans match up tonight (I like how the NBA attempts to upstage the NFL). It’s not about the Heat or the Cavaliers on this night my friends. On this evening, it’s all about “Bron Bron” and his betrayed Cleveland fans.

Think about what these fans had to deal with the past six months after the dreadful “Decision”. How embarrassing it is to be a Cleveland Cavalier fan now? These fans have a lot of pinned up frustration and finally, they can express their frustrations to their once beloved hero. Oh it’s going to be uncomfortable….For LeBron that is. How couldn’t it be?

In last year’s playoffs against the Boston Celtics, James seemed to have given up on his team. Then, for two months, he held the state of Ohio hostage as he flirted with possibilities of leaving and staying. Needless to say what his decision was, as it was announced on ESPN, July 8, 2010. Talk about rubbing it in the face of an entire State! This poor choice of showmanship was a  pointless buildup that backfired on the two-time reigning NBA MVP. Not only has his stock taken a tumble amongst the fans in Cleveland but sports fans in general have jumped off the King James bandwagon. 

So which LeBron will show up tonight? Will it be the one who is known as the human highlight reel or will it be the LeBron James who looked out of it in the playoffs last season? Will the fans at Quicken Loans Arena behave themselves or are we in for “The Brawl” part deux? If so, Clevelanders will be as detestable as James. Finally, will LBJ be brave enough to toss-up that powder and clap those hands of his in front of the fans he scarred?

By Keith Madyun


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  1. ANTONIO DIXON says:

    who cares

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