Ladies and gentlemen, while the offenses of the Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles have everything it takes to give the nation a shoot out under the Thursday night lights, Lincoln Financial Field will not be the venue that most sports fans will be tuned into. You see, an unfortunate mishap in scheduling has taken place that the National Football League will feel in the ratings department. Let’s travel 353 miles westward, shall we? Specifically, Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. December 2nd at 8pm, more than anything, will go down as the night in which Akron, Ohio native and former Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James steps foot onto the floor he once represented as a visitor. While I’m not going to go into the dynamics of how the James/Cleveland divorce took place, I will remind you that people love controversy. Even the most novice of basketball fans, if fans at all, are going to tune in just to see what kind of reaction he gets.

Although the National Football League will take a probable blow, a game is still on tonight. This along with the rest of the lineup should offer an interesting week of games as the regular season is gradually morphing into the postseason and teams are jockeying for position. Who moves closer to claiming their spots for January…let’s find out:

Eagles over Texans– As mentioned earlier, these two are offensive juggernauts. Philly will prove to be the bigger of the two with Houston’s continued struggles in defending the pass.

Saints over Bengals– So Darren Sharper and Chad Johnson are talkin’ tough on Twitter about this game. With a 2-9 record, 628 yards and four touchdowns for a receiver that was once one of the league’s elite, is there really room for self promotion? #Priorities

Bears over Lions– Given Jay Cutler’s recent output, you can’t help but wonder if he can do it on a consistent basis. Stay tuned!

Packers over 49ers– Green Bay gets healthier as the season progresses and should pull this one out in order to keep pace with Chicago in the NFC North.

Chiefs over Broncos– What you saw in this first matchup back in week 10 will not be a repeat.  Kansas City’s moment of redemption has arrived.

Dolphins over Browns– While both offenses rely heavily on the run, Miami has two running backs to depend on and Cleveland has one.

Bills over Vikings– Brett Favre did a stellar job protecting the ball against Washington last week. He’ll find a way to channel his old self again.

Giants over Redskins– Big Blue’s front seven vs Washington’s has disaster written all over it.

Jaguars over Titans– The operative word to describe Tennessee is turmoil.  Meanwhile, Jacksonville at a minimum is wondering, “Could we take the AFC South crown this year?”

Chargers over Raiders– San Diego is picking up steam, while Oakland is losing it.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the constant shuffling of starting quarterbacks.

Rams over Cardinals- St. Louis could win the NFC West. Fans of the “Show Me State” are amazed to say the least, considering names like Torry Holt, Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner are no longer on the roster.

Cowboys over Colts– Dallas’ defense must attack Peyton Manning if it hopes to continue its upward climb from the self-induced hole of the first eight games.

Seahawks over Panthers– I don’t care what kind of season Seattle has, winning at home is constant.

Buccaneers over Falcons– In week nine, Tampa Bay proved it can play with Atlanta. Home field advantage works in the Bucs’ favor, humbling the “Dirty Birds” just for a week.

Steelers over Ravens–  Pittsburgh’s defense continues its tradition of stifling running backs. Can Joe Flacco lead his offense to victory under such conditions?

Patriots over Jets– Playing under the Monday night lights against a division foe, with playoff implications will help determine if Mark Sanchez is ready for primetime.  He could eventually get there, but I don’t see it happening at this particular moment.

Last week, I went 12-4.  My hope is to continue such performances as I close out the season. There’s only five weeks left. Stay tuned!

By Antoine Hoffman


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