Remember a few weeks ago when I gushed over how big of a deal Randy Moss’ return to Minnesota would be? Apparently, Brad Childress felt otherwise as he opted to a send the seven-time Pro Bowler on his way. On November 3rd, the Tennessee Titans acquired his services. While it is clear what a focused Moss can do to further bolster a Tennessee offense led by Vince Young and Chris Johnson, most will take the reserved approach and see if his 2010 NFL Multi-City Tour stops at three.

Okay, maybe Moss went out-of-bounds during his Vikings/Patriots post-game press conference on October 31st. Yes, Moss took a stand against the media by pledging to conduct his own interviews. Yes, he reflected on pleasant memories from his New England days. And yes, he even expressed how slighted he felt when he tried to impart his knowledge of New England’s offense to Minnesota’s coaching staff. In that same press conference, however, he expressed his obligation to help the Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl. Given all that, did he really have to be exiled from the Twin City?

I’m sure Jeff Fisher will eventually reap the benefits of Minnesota’s latest release. I’m doing some reaping of my own, but not necessarily of the fruit I’m craving. Once again, I barely got over .500 in week eight with a 7-6 mark. I’m done with rotten fruit…here we go:

Falcons over Buccaneers- It’s been said that Tampa Bay is back to doing what it does best, running the ball and being aggressive defensively. Atlanta gets the slight edge on the strength of its ability to put the ball in the air.

Ravens over Dolphins- Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown have combined for only two touchdowns on the season. They’ll need to break that mold if they hope to go point-for-point with a Baltimore offense that is blossoming into something you’re not used to.

Bills over Bears- Over the last two weeks, Buffalo has taken two of the AFC’s over .500 teams to the limit. Chicago is led by Jay Cutler, who seems to be struggling with Mike Martz’s offense. Add that to his reckless style of play, and I can’t help but give Buffalo its first win of the season.

Saints over Panthers- The win that the defending champions earned over Pittsburgh this past Sunday night could have given them new life.

Patriots over Browns- With the exception of Atlanta and Pittsburgh, Cleveland has been in every game on its schedule. With that said, I’m not sure if it’ll be able to pound on New England the way it did New Orleans two weeks ago.

Jets over Lions- Detroit is not playing against a team that plays down to its competition. In fact, it’s playing a New York team that was shutout coming fresh off a bye. Look for Gang Green to make up for that lackluster performance.

Chargers over Texans- Phillip Rivers may not get consideration as an MVP candidate, thanks to his team’s record thus far, but he is campaigning to end the season as the league’s leading passer. Houston’s last ranked pass defense will help him in that cause.

Vikings over Cardinals– While neither team is what they were a season ago (division leaders), Minnesota at least able to both run and defend the ball.  The key losses that Arizona suffered in the past offseason are being felt in a major way.

Giants over Seahawks- While Mike Williams has been a pleasant surprise for Seattle (currentlyahead of the pack for comeback player of the year honors), Big Blue’s defensive front is too merciless to allow Matt Hasselbeck the time needed to find his new favorite target downfield.  Will he too be the latest to make New York’s “Quarterback Hit List”?

Raiders over Chiefs- Who would’ve thought Kansas City and Oakland would own the top two slots in the AFC West? Both teams have similarities. On average, they can’t crack 200 yards in passing, but they are the top two rushing outfits in the league (Kansas City (1st), Oakland (2nd)). The edge goes to the Silver and Black thanks to home field advantage.

Eagles over Colts- The return of Michael Vick brings an added dimension that could have Indianapolis’ rush defense in for a long evening.

Packers over Cowboys- Green Bay is gradually getting healthier while Dallas is still stuck in a place of limbo, wondering what went wrong.

Steelers over Bengals- The NFL has fined James Harrison a total of $100,000 in a three game span. Add that to the surprising loss to an ailing New Orleans team, and there’s no way he nor Pittsburgh are going to let up on a Cincinnati team that has yet to meet expectations.

We’ll be right back at it next week, but earlier than usual as week 10 begins the period where the week opens on Thursday nights.

By Antoine Hoffman


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