For years, NFL fans and historians alike have been led to believe that the 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only undefeated team in league history. I am done living this lie. The followers of Take No Prisoners are owed the truth. You can’t frown on what that organization did, but there is a team that has the longest and unbroken winning streak in the history of the National Football League. Who, you wonder! Look no further than the referees.

For ages now, their calls have affected teams and games in ways that have been nothing short of devastating. The Zebras’ most recent offense took place in week seven of the 2010 season. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins reach a critical moment of the game in the fourth quarter where Ben Roethlisberger goes for a quarterback sneak on Miami’s two yard line for a touchdown. Before he crossed the goal line, the ball is fumbled, and a scramble ensues. Miami Defensive End Ikaika Alama-Francis comes up with the ball, but that wasn’t enough. The referees determined, after further review that there is no conclusive evidence as to who recovered the ball. With all the video technology available in NFL stadiums, there weren’t alternate camera angles available? Did I mention A DOLPHIN CAME OUT OF THE PILE WITH THE BALL? If that’s the logic, then why take the ball from Miami when there’s no evidence to say it didn’t recover the ball?

Something must be done about this inept officiating, about as much as something is needed to be done about my single digit wins as of late. I went 7-7 in week seven, but would you call that lucky? I have ten more weeks to get this right. It begins now:

49ers over Broncos- Mike Singletary is looking to Troy Smith to lead his team to victory as the starting quarterback. His mobility, along with Frank Gore’s style of running should give San Francisco’s offense an added and much-needed dimension.

Cowboys over Jaguars- Not that Dallas has done anything recently to make me comfortable in this choice, but offensively, they have more to offer in the talent department. Besides, David Garrard is too shaky and Jon Kitna just needs to shake off field rust.

Dolphins over Bengals- Are the Bengals morphing back into the Bungals? It might be time for the Versus Network to pull the plug on the T.Ocho Show so they can focus on football. That still doesn’t take care of the marginal play of Carson Palmer.

Chiefs over Bills- Is it me or has Ryan Fitzpatrick given Buffalo’s offense some sort of life/hope? I’m looking for Kansas City’s speedy defense to postpone the Bills’ aspirations for a first win, at least for another week.

Redskins over Lions- A season ago, Washington allowed Detroit to earn its first win in 19 games. Even with its decent start thus far, the bitter taste of embarrassment should still be in the mouths of the Burgundy and Gold. Even at 1-5, Detroit is playing better ball than it did in 2009. No time or room to look ahead…THIS IS A STATEMENT GAME!

Rams over Panthers– Given that DeAngelo Williams’ status is uncertain, thanks to a foot injury, this could limit a Carolina offense that is already struggling to secure stability.

Jets over Packers– If this were a healthier Green Bay team, I would go with the Cheeseheads with no hesitation. Gang Green is peaking at an excellent point of the season and should take advantage of all that the injury riddled Packers give them.

Titans over Chargers– I think it’s clear that the absence of LaDanien Tomlinson is felt in San Diego. Couple that with the injuries of the receiving corps, including Antonio Gates and it all adds up to the fact that the Bolts’ offense ain’t what it used to be.

Patriots over Vikings- What is it going to take for Tavaris Jackson to get his shot under center?  Brett Favre is dealing with an ankle issue where there are fractures in two places, if I’m not mistaking. Yet, there’s a strong chance he’s going to play. Somebody call Denzel Washington ’cause this is clearly a hostage situation.

Buccaneers over Cardinals– In looking at two teams that are young at their quarterback positions, the best bet appears to be Josh Freeman, who is playing the moderate role in leading his offense. Not doing too much or too little, but just enough to win games.

Raiders over Seahawks- Jason Campbell has expressed a desire to start again. Coach Tom has remained mum on his status, but the possibility of Kyle Boller getting the nod has been mentioned. Seattle on the other hand has been the most difficult team for me to figure out. The Seahawks’ shaky play won’t allow me to believe they’ll win three straight.

Steelers over Saints– If Cleveland can pound New Orleans to a pulp, is there any reason to believe Pittsburgh can’t?

Texans over Colts– I called for a changing of the guard in the AFC South. Houston has not done anything to make me moonwalk from that claim. While Houston’s defense is last in passing yards allowed, Indianapolis ails in running the ball and stopping the run. Dare I say it…Houston sweeps Indianapolis for the first time in this rivalry’s existence.

Sunday can’t get here any sooner…redemption is too heavy on my mind.

By Antoine Hoffman


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