Monday night’s game featuring the New York “Football” Giants and the Dallas Cowboys was a classic example of one team being poised and the other in total disarray. The Giants recovered from early mistakes, knocked out Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and made a Dallas defense look like a Pop Warner squad.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw two interceptions on New York’s first two offensive possessions, leading to a 10-0 hole in the first quarter. After New York scored to make it a 10-7 deficit, the Cowboys’ misfortunes went from bad to horrific. Giants linebacker Michael Boley came on a blitz and tackled Romo and in the process, Romo landed hard on his shoulder, breaking his left clavicle. Romo is expected to miss up to eight weeks.

The “G-Men’ trailed 20-7 halfway through the second quarter after a 93 yard kick-off return from Cowboys’ rookie wide-out Dez Bryant. But before you could get comfortable in your “Lazy-Boy”, New York scored two touchdowns to take the lead. The Giants capped off the second quarter with a field goal and lead 24-20 at halftime.

Romo could only watch as his backup Jon Kitna stunk it up offensively. Eli Manning settled down and quietly shredded the Cowboys’ defense to pieces, converting on third down over and over again. It seemed like Dallas was in a state of shock after losing its quarterback. New York’s offensive line controlled the tempo, which allowed the running game to rack up 200 yards on the ground. Dallas’ defensive front stopped applying pressure and the secondary’s tackling was abysmal. A prime example of the Cowboys poor play on defense came when Manning threw a short screen pass to wide receiver Mario Manningham for a 25 yard touchdown. Manningham looked like Fred Astaire as he did a pirouette and a two-step slide into the end zone.


These aren’t your father’s Dallas Cowboys. This team is in full dysfunction! The players started believing the hype perpetrated by the media with an owner having false aspirations of being the first team to play a super bowl while hosting it. America’s team has become “America’s Embarrassment” eight weeks into the NFL season. Dallas was predicted to win it all. For them to be tied for last place in the NFC, at this stage of the season, is incredible!The most anticipated team, was deemed the most talented in the NFL , but only produce inconsistencies on offense and defense through the guidance of a coaching staff that is way over its head.

This brand called the “Dallas Cowboys” is stuck in a repulsive cesspool, when at one time it was known to be the face for greatness. For years, that has been the perception, only to end up an overblown theory. As long as owner Jerry Jones continues to stay loyal to coaches/players who are overrated underachievers, Cowboy’s fans will constantly feel the disappointment as their beloved team is making its mark as the league’s laughing-stock.

Look for the “Boo Birds” to continue to chirp at Cowboys stadium as the Silver and Blue remain as the bottom feeders of the sea!

By Keith Madyun


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