Back in December, I shared my thoughts with you on the NHL’s distribution of justice in connection with infractions committed by Washington Capitals Left Wing Alex Ovechkin and Florida Panthers Defenseman Keith Ballard.

Inspired by my co-blogger Keith Madyun, I wanted to get into a more recent brand of injustice…the National Football League’s enforcement of hits. Of course, helmet-to-helmet hits warrant discipline, but not the hit that Atlanta Falcons’ Dunta Robinson laid upon DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve come to the conclusion that the NFL is pandering/coddling/pacifying offensive players. Call me petty, but what about the ball carriers that lower their heads to truck defenders? Let’s not forget about other offensive players that are blocking defenders down field. Are they not trying to make impactful collisions? Will the NFL consider enforcing the law upon those that live life on the other side of the ball? No offense to the Hines Wards of the league, but league officials should work to minimize helmet-to -helmet hits alone. If you’re going to penalize clean impactful hits by defenders, then offensive players should be subjected to similar enforcement.

Speaking of impact, I felt one of my own, going 6-8 last week. I can only hope such a mark does not linger throughout the season.With that said, here we go:

Falcons over Bengals– This game is too close to call. I’ll give the edge to Atlanta on the strength of home field advantage.

Steelers over Dolphins– Maybe it’s me, but Ben Roethlisberger seems to have picked up where he left off. On the flip side of the ball, you really didn’t have James Harrison retiring from the league, did you?

Ravens over Bills– Baltimore is looking to redeem itself in response to that narrow loss to New England. Buffalo is too limited in its offensive approach to force the Black Birds into consecutive losses.
Chiefs over Jaguars– Given David Garrard’s slim chances of playing after suffering a concussion Monday night, his likely absence will further limit Jacksonville’s marginal passing game.

Saints over Browns– As big of an offensive threat as Peyton Hillis has proven to be thus far, he’s not enough to challenge New Orleans point for point. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to gradually get things back together again.

Redskins over Bears- It looks like Mike Martz’s offensive savvy has not compensated for Chicago’s offensive line issues as I mentioned earlier in the season. That unit has allowed 15 sacks in its last 2-3 games. With Albert Haynesworth back in the lineup, Washington’s defense is due for a minimum of two sacks.

49ers over Panthers– Congratulations to San Francisco on getting that first win. Looking at the uncertainty in Carolina’s starting quarterback department, you’ll definitely get another.

Rams over Bucs– These two teams are not the teams they were a year ago. With that said, it seems like Sam Bradford can deliver the ball, no matter how many receivers he loses to injury.

Eagles over Titans– With Vince Young’s questionable status stemming from Monday night’s win over Jacksonville, Tennessee’s dual threat running game becomes singular. Look for Philly to force Tennessee’s hand with the passing game.

Cardinals over Seahawks– I can only blame myself for losing the Seattle/Chicago matchup last week. I had the formula figured out and failed to stick with it. Not this week…Seattle loses!

Patriots over Chargers– While Vincent Jackson is set to return to San Diego soon, he alone can’t change the culture of Bolts football. This could be the season where the sub par play in the beginning of the season finally catches up with Norv Turner and the gang.

Broncos over Raiders– If Jason Campbell is left to assume the quarterbacking responsibilities for Oakland, I’m not sure about the Silver and Black going blow for blow with the third best passing offense in the game.

Packers over Vikings– Green Bay had the misfortune of being swept by Brett Favre last season. This time around, Minnesota’s offense is still trying to find its way, so the Cheeseheads should be able to get one over on its former franchise quarterback.

Cowboys over Giants– While New York has played quality ball over the last few weeks, Dallas is at an unexpected place of desperation. At home, Dallas somehow finds away to stave off nationally televised embarrassment and get the win.

Let’s do it again next week!

By Antoine Hoffman


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  1. GCB says:

    Sorry, Ant…Giants over the Cowboys; Titans over the Eagles; and I’ll be praying to the Almighty for my ‘Skins.

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