When I look back at the Packers/Eagles matchup, three moments of NFL history came back to memory:

The Eagles uniforms – while technically the throwbacks commemorated the 1960s championship season, the shade of green took me back to the days of Randalll Cunningham, Reggie White, Andre Waters and Buddy Ryan. How that team, with so much talent, never won a Super Bowl still baffles me.

The injuries – There were a combined eight injuries in this game and even though the opponent from a week ago was different, the bumps and bruises took me back to the famed “Body Bag” game of 1990 versus the Washington Redskins.

Poetry in motion- Did you see what Michael Vick did when he stepped in under center? I think it’s clear that he is once again in complete football shape. His return to action spells trouble for a lot of opposing defenses, which brings me toooooo…

Eagles over Lions– Whatever touchdowns Calvin “Megatron” Johnson score  from this moment forward, he’s going to walk the ball to the referee to assure they count. Even that won’t be enough to stop the most talked about backup quarterback from doing what he does best. Detroit’s defense is budding, but I’m not too sure about its ability to stifle Vick’s elusiveness.

Packers over Bills– With Green Bay having the 30th ranked rush defense, I’m expecting a better day out of rookie running back C.J. Spiller. Looking at Buffalo’s overall defense, Aaron Rodgers will have an even better outing then he did the previous week. One which will warranted him appointment as one of the league’s elite quarterbacks.

Dolphins over Vikings– Brett Favre’s receiver situation is shot right now. What that does is leave the ball mostly in the hands of the backfield. The problem is between he and Adrian Peterson, turnovers are inevitable. Miami comes into Mall of America Field with the number one defense. Couple those two factors together and it’s gonna be a slow day for the guy who blows the Viking horn after major offensive plays.

Chiefs over Browns– Romeo Crennel was not given the fair shot in Cleveland he deserved. Everything happens for a reason! In his rightful position as defensive coordinator, I look for his newly acquired unit in Kansas City to exact revenge for him in the Dawg Pound.

Cowboys over Bears– While both teams have pedestrian offensive lines and quarterbacks with turnover tendencies, Dallas gets the advantage in the skill positions department. Look for Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Felix Jones to rise and get the ‘Boys their first win of 2010.

Falcons over Cardinals– Arizona, congratulations on beating St. Louis. Now you move on to a defense that won’t turnover turnovers, should they get them.

Buccaneers over Panthers– In the quarterback department, Carolina has to choose between a concussed Matt Moore and an inexperienced Jimmy Claussen. Tampa Bay on the other hand will see the return of suspended cornerback Akim Talib and if Cadillac WIlliams can stay healthy, he should fare well against a rush defense that gave up 118 yards on the ground to New York last week. Tampa Bay becomes 2-0 for the first time since 2005.

Bengals over Ravens– Baltimore has one of the better front seven defenses in the league. Their secondary on the other hand is beat up. If any quarterback has the savvy needed to pick away at that aspect of the unit, it’s Carson Palmer. A mixture of that and Cedric Benson should give the striped cats a notch under the win column. 

Steelers over Titans– Pittsburgh will stack the box in an effort to minimize Tennessee’s running game, daring Vince Young to win the game with his arm. Also, Dennis Dixon looks to keep the momentum from last week going, coupled with the workhorse efforts of Rashard Mendenhall. Look for Chris Johnson’s 100-yard game rushing streak to end at 12.

Seahawks over Broncos– While Matt Hasselback is aging, it seems he’s still got it. Seattle has speed on both sides of the ball. Is Pete Carroll looking to make the Seahawks the USC of the NFL? Stay tuned!

Rams over Raiders– Okay St. Louis…your defense turned over turnovers. How do you do that? You have the luxury of facing a penetrable Oakland offensive line, which too could result in turnovers. I’m going to give you another chance to get it right. Should you get any turnovers in this one, HOLD ON TO THE BALL.

Redskins over Texans– I know Mario Williams is a beast, I know this.  But after watching what Trent Williams did with DeMarcus Ware, arguably the best defensive end in the game, I have no doubt that the rookie offensive tackle can line up with any end the league offers. I’m looking for better execution from Washington’s offense in the red zone as well. The question is, how will the burgundy and gold’s run defense do against new ground sensation Arian Foster?

Patriots over Jets– Gang Green loses its stud defensive tackle Kris Jenkins to a season ending injury. What this does is give Tom Brady more time to get the ball downfield. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised is Randy Moss is able to pitch a tent and rest comfortably on Revis Island.

Chargers over Jaguars– I said San Diego starts out the month of September slowly. That doesn’t mean they lose every game in that month. After an embarrassing loss to Kansas City under the bright lights, I look for the Bolts to redeem themselves, killing any hopes of Jacksonville building a winning streak over the AFC West.

Giants over Colts– Dare I say it? Yes I dare…or do…or do dare say it. The operative word when it comes to beating Indianapolis is PHYSICALITY. Looking at what Big Blue has in its front seven,  secondary, offensive line, receivers and running game, The younger Manning’s team has what it takes to put Indianapolis two games in the hole. I mean Peyton owns a win over Eli, dating back to the 2006 season. At some point,  the little brother grows up to beat the bigger one, doesn’t he?

Saints over 49ers– If there is one coach that has the approach to make me suit up in pads and run into a brick wall just for him, it is Mike Singletary. The bad news is Alex Smith is his quarterback. If David Carr (remember him) were the signal caller, I’d take San Francisco. Drew Brees is Drew Brees, which tells me the N.O. marches on to victory number two.

Last week, I went 10-6. The highlight of my week was my upset special, Kansas City over San Diego. What other prognosticators do you know picked that one? Please be mindful that these picks are based on my opinion alone. Using these as a manual for gambling is not advised. We’ll be back to do it again for week three. Until then, let’s just sit back and see how this all unfolds, shall we?

By Antoine Hoffman


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  1. Tanc says:

    Man I was truly disappointed in my Boys lost to the Bears. I did not see that coming at all.

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