UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has long made an imprint as one of Mixed Martial Arts’ best. Couture, who specializes in Greco Roman wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and boxing, is one of only two UFC fighters to win titles in two different divisions (light heavyweight and heavyweight). He is arguably the most celebrated Mixed Martial Artist in history.

Most of MMA nation would probably bet the house that Couture will make quick work out of boxing great James “Lights Out” Toney when they locked up at UFC 118. Couture lived up to those expectations by dominating Toney from the opening bell. Couture took the six-time multi boxing champion down and proceeded to pound him at will. Everyone knew as soon as Toney got on his back, it would be over. Couture humbled the former boxing champ with an arm triangle choke hold, putting Toney to sleep. “Night Night”! If you went to the bathroom during the match, shame on you!

Match over! The bout took less time than warming up leftovers in the microwave. How ironic is it that Toney’s nickname is “Lights Out” since he went “Beddie Bye” in front of a pack crowd in Boston, MA.

Not only did Couture win the battle of MMA vs Professional Boxing by making a complete fool out of Toney, he also was awarded a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Toney had a lot to say leading up to the fight by basically making a mockery of the sport. He even went as far as putting a dress on a Randy Couture action figure, calling him a fraudulent MMA legend. Couture gave Toney a brief orientation Saturday night and made him real familiar with what he would face if he were to ever return to the octagon.

Question for you!

What was James Toney thinking about? Did he really expect us to believe that his “One Hitter Quitter” was good enough? A few months of prep-work is insulting to a man who has worked his butt off in his craft for 20 plus years. That’s like a veteran rugby player trying to be dominant in the NFL while only training during an offseason.

The fight was a total disgrace to the sport. As a result, UFC head man Dana White made the announcement to discontinue marketing boxers into the UFC ranks. The decision in my opinion is long overdue. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is a different kind of beast and the world of professional boxing should know its place.

Lesson learned!

By Keith Madyun


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